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The UITC™ Oval & Ring Boards, Far Superior to Traditional Wire Frames and Here’s Why.

Are you new to wreath making? Or maybe you’ve already made a few wreaths but want to find a way to wreath that is easier and more enjoyable? Well, put down those wire wreath frames, and say hello to the Oval & Ring Wreath Boards from Unique in the Creek! There are many reasons why the UITC™ Oval & Ring Boards are superior to traditional wire frames. But first, a little back story:

Not that long ago, wreath making could be a pretty frustrating experience. Making a wreath on a traditional wire frame took a lot of time and materials and the whole process could be very cumbersome. Plus, the results could be very hit-or-miss.

That’s when Laurie, an avid crafter and wreath maker, got to thinking about how the whole system could be improved. It was the old “there’s got to be a better way” epiphany. That’s how the UITC™ wreath making system was born! Laurie got to work and came up with the wreath making boards crafters everywhere were waiting for. And that included the Oval & Ring Wreath Boards!

About the Oval & Ring Wreath Boards

Although we have 10 wreath boards of all shapes and sizes available, our Oval & Ring Wreath Boards are great for wreath makers transitioning over from using a traditional wire frame. The “donut” shape is familiar, but the wreath making process is much easier, more efficient, so much more fun!

The UITC™ Ring Wreath Board is a round 16″ partial board style DIY wreath frame that creates a finished wreath approximately 18 – 22″ but can be much bigger depending on the materials used. This is a great board for those who want to make a more traditional wreath, but keep in mind it can be used to make all kinds of outside-the-box designs too. It’s all about how you use it!

The UITC™ Oval Wreath Board is a 14×20″ board style DIY wreath frame and creates a finished wreath approximately 18 – 24″ but, can be much bigger depending on the materials used. This is a fantastic board for those who want to create a big, full design that will really grab attention!

Like all our boards, the Oval & Ring Boards are completely weatherproof and are made to withstand all kinds of conditions. They are also not only recyclable but, all of our wreath boards are made from 100% recycled plastic.

Benefits to the Oval & Ring Wreath Boards Over Wire Frames

This brings us to our first point as to why the UITC™ Oval & Ring Boards are superior to traditional wire frames: Wire frames are made of low-quality non-stainless steel; these frames rust, they damage doors, and they are not meant to be reused. Our boards have a nice neat plastic backing that won’t trash doors and the boards are completely reusable!

Loading the Wreath Board

The holes you see throughout the board are where you attach your materials–such as mesh and ribbon–to the board via cable ties (zip ties). You can use any material you wish as long as you can zip a cable tie around it!

Because you’re attaching your materials via cable ties instead of endlessly wrapping materials around a wire frame, you end up using far fewer materials. This makes the wreath making process much more cost effective and environmentally friendly! This is another great reason as to why the UITC™ Oval & Ring Boards are superior to traditional wire frames.

Easy Attachment

Plus, when you use our boards, each piece of material you attach will be secure; it won’t slide around and require hot glue to remain where you put it. Another huge WIN for our boards over wire frames!

The holes on the Oval & Ring Wreath Boards are laid out in a pattern, which helps you save time when attaching your materials. Wire frames require more time to secure materials as there is no pattern on the frame and the process isn’t streamlined. You will save time with our boards!

Beautiful Results

Another reason as to why the UITC™ Oval & Ring Boards are superior to traditional wire frames? The full board style of our Oval & Ring Boards means your whole design is spread out, with absolutely no gaps or holes visible! This is not the case with wire wreath frames. Our boards get you a full-looking gorgeous wreath, every time!

As previously mentioned, our boards are completely reusable. Don’t like your design or want to use the board for a completely new wreath? Flip the board over, cut the cable ties, and remove everything. Just like that, you have a blank canvas once again, full of possibilities!

Oval & Ring Wreaths: Step by Step

If you’d like to learn firsthand why the UITC™ Oval & Ring Wreath Boards are superior to traditional wire frames, there’s no better way than by trying the boards yourself! We’ve got oodles of tutorials and replays on our YouTube channel to help get you started. Here are just a few:

For more Oval Wreath Board design video replays, check out our YouTube Oval Board playlist. For more Ring Wreath Board design video replays, browse our YouTube Ring Board playlist. And be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel! We have hundreds of replays and tutorials available that will help you create stunning wreaths on ANY of our wreath boards!

More Wreath Making Inspiration

Need some more inspiration for your UITC™ Oval and Ring Board designs? Laurie has created many wreaths spanning a variety of seasons, holidays, and themes. Here is just a small selection. To see more, make sure you’re following us on Facebook and Instagram!

When you use UITC™ Wreath Boards to create your wreaths instead of traditional wire frames, you cut down on materials, time, money spent, and you get consistently gorgeous results. No gaps or holes anywhere to be seen! Plus, the whole process is so much easier. Anyone at any skill level can do it!

One last thing we’d like to mention is that Unique in the Creek is a North American company. When you buy from us, you can be sure your money is going to support North American business and our economy here at home. This isn’t always a guarantee you get when you purchase wire frames.

Here at Unique in the Creek, we really do believe that wreath making is for everyone. You don’t need any previous experience to have fun and to create something beautiful for your home or to give as a gift. So now that we’ve shown you the benefits of our Oval & Ring Boards over traditional wire wreath frames, are you ready to try them out for yourself? Click here for wreath boards, materials, supplies, kits, and more. And don’t forget to tag us in your Instagram photos so we can see and share your creations!