Team Unique


Laurie Franklin

CEO, Inventor and Creative Visionary

Laurie is the creative force behind UITC™. You’ll find her live several times a week on our Facebook page showing you just how easy it is to make a gorgeous wreath using the very Wreath Boards she invented!

A DIY workshop teacher for many years, Laurie wanted to come up with a way for people to make gorgeous, fun wreaths easily from the comfort of their own home and so, Unique in the Creek was born. You can read more about Laurie HERE!

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David Franklin

President and CFO

AKA Laurie’s husband, therapist, business partner and
best friend! Dave oversees Wreath Board production,
inventory management and keeps everybody on budget.

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Tanya Head

Director Of Marketing and Sales

Tanya is the lady behind the scenes at UITC™. Tanya oversees day to day operations and is Laurie’s right hand. Laurie imagines it and Tanya, along with an amazing Team of people, makes it happen!

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Tina is our Customer Service Specialist. From moderating live events to running our Creator Group, she is Tanya’s right hand! Tina is the right lady to know if you have a question about a design, creation or wreath board, she has an encyclopedic knowledge of all things UITC™!

Mandi is our Social Media Manager. From content to blogging, she is a huge part of the voice behind the UITC™ brand. Mandi and her team Jill and Laura do amazing work and you can check out all of Merged’s Services HERE.

Deepak is our Technology Guru! From website development to technical support, he helps keeps UITC™ running! Deepak does amazing work and you can check out all of his Small Business Services at Alpha 19 HERE.