Christmas is about Family and making Memories...

Laurie macneill

Do you have family holiday traditions? Do you want to start new ones this year? I love the holidays, and I get so excited to make the holidays meaningful, magical, and special for my kids.

I want to also keep it simple. The hardest part of the holiday season can be the amount of money that is spent to create this magic. How can we share our love for the season and create family holiday traditions that will make lasting memories?

Whether you are on a small budget, have no budget, or the biggest budget out there, simple and frugal holiday traditions mean the most. Money spent doesn’t always make the fondest memories. However, a few special holiday traditions create  wonder and excitement!  A few of my traditions is that everyone be present when the Tree goes up...now because it takes me MANY hours to decorate the tree I tend to lose them within an hour because of my P.O.P.D.(Perfect Ornament Placement Disorder) LOL.  WE must watch National Lampoons Christmas Vacation as the tree is erect and decorated, my sister's memory ornament comes out so she is with us while we watch the movie (she passed away and her and I watched that movie a million times through the Christmas holiday...so that is my way of having her with me through the holidays), we drink from our Moose Mugs (again Christmas Vacation...i think i really am obsessed with that movie!).  Now Christmas EVE is again more traditions...yes the kids and Dave moan more...but each of them get to open their "Christmas Eve" boxes.  These boxes I have used are just Christmas Picture boxes you can purchase at any craft store and each of us has one...the design on the outside is different for each one of us...and I reuse these boxes year after year...so we each know who's is who's.  Anyway, the box is filled with each of their FAVORITE snack/junk food, Christmas socks, and a few other trinkets AND the dreaded......MATCHING JAMMIES!!!!  Yup year after year I buy all of us matching pyjamas that have to be worn on Christmas Eve (Teehee...Bubba and Dave are not too thrilled but do it cause they love me).   Lolly, Kree and I just love it!!!  We even got my best friend Tammy and her family to do it with us!!! WE then watch Christmas Vacation AGAIN and say all the lines as the movie goes along cause we have seen it that many times...I think only LOLLY knows the full song of Mele Kelikimaka out of all of us...lol.   Now here is the BEST tradition EVER...you guys are going to howl....one Christmas along time ago...I think Kree was only 7 and bubba 4...I ran out of time to wrap all their gifts (and there was ALOT of them) I decided the paper just goes in the garbage anyways...so I went into the Kitchen and got the white kitchen garbage bags...I put each gift into a white garbage bag and wrote their name on the outside of each bag with a sharpie marker.  Then I got a big black garbage bag (this was before Santa sacks were a big thing) and put all the white garbage bags into it and put a big bow on the outside of the black bag and on Christmas morning their faces were priceless!!!  I remember laughing so hard and told them Santa must have ran out of wrapping paper...they were okay with this as they knew there were still presents in there!  It was genius...I have done this for every single year on...Although now they each have a fancy Santa Sack but inside that Santa sack is still white trash bags with their names on it with a sharpie marker.   I don't think they would like it any other way now as it is Tradition...a very out of the box tradition but BRILLIANT if I say so myself.  And recyclable cause I still reuse the trash bags!!!!  Each of us take turns opening one white trash bag gift so we can see the excitement (that is more for my benefit then theirs).  After gifts are all done I then make the traditional Christmas Breakfast Feast (because they go to their dads in the afternoon).

I have made Christmas traditions in our family, although the kids moan and groan when I make them do it now but down the road when they have families of their own I hope that they too will see how special these traditions are and it wasn't just their nutty mother trying to get silly pictures of them!

One of the best ideas for family holiday traditions is to slow down. Enjoy the days together and try not to rush from one activity to another.  Enjoying being together as a family is the best part of the holidays.

Hope you enjoyed this and remember whatever you do this holiday...enjoy it and take it all in as life is too short!!!

Laurie xoxo




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  • merry xmas and all the very best for 2020.with love from the uk x


  • I’m so glad you all have such a great time every year for Christmas Eve, and I know you have a great Christmas. Hoping each and every one of you get everything you want and need.Have a great Christmas.Will be waiting for you to be back to do more videos and Laurie enjoy your few days trying to relax. Love you guys see you soon.

    Peggy Parham

  • What great stories you always have. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Thanks for all you do,to help us be smarter crafters.

    Barbara Wilkins

  • Merry Christmas. You have brightened up my life with your videos. Enjoy the holidays.

    Dianna Ciupka

  • That’s a great way to decorate your house & tree. I love watching that movie to. I go to my cousins house for Xmas. And this year we will have 25 for Xmas day supper. I just can’t wait for it. I do the same thing. I decorated my apartment in early November, so I can enjoy it.❤️🇨🇦😘. Sorry that you couldn’t get to see it today Laurie. Maybe next year. It’s takes me about 4-5 days to get it all done up. Have a great Xmas.🎄.

    Lesa Boutilier

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