So you're wanting to take your business to the next level...you're on the fence about pressing that Go Live button...eek!

Laurie macneill

So you're really confident that you're wreathing skills are at a pretty good level and you're now wanting to take your business to the next level. That next level is the mighty Facebook LIVE!!!  To some it seems to be such a scary button...I hmmm'd and haw'd for weeks.  That button felt like it was staring back at me all the time. Every time I made a post it seemed to be laughing at me.  But I was not going to let that button get the best of me... I was going to win!  I needed to WIN...that my business could soar a little bit higher!  I know some of you are in that boat right now and that button is teasing you... This blog it's just going to give you a few little tips that helped me and that I passed on to help others that have taken their business to the next level.  And I know a lot of you have watched these businesses take flight and you didn't even realize it because you were having so much fun watching them!

Laurie's tips (take it for what it's worth... LOL)

*Try and be as organized as you can. If your making a flower, precut most of your petals but leave a few so you can show how you did it.  Have your ribbons ready and pre-cut again leave a few to show how you can dove tail the ends.  If you're going to be using hot glue plug in your gun.  Have a clean workspace it does help...although I should practice what I preach because I pretty much never have a clean workspace.... I am the messiest crafter ever...well maybe the second messiest (Most of us watch a certain young fella do AMAZZZING wreaths in total chaos... I will just say his name starts with a "D" lol)

*Have a drink with you...when you start talking you will get thirsty...doesn't have to be beer or wine but it does help with nerves...lol

*When you press the Go Live button you will want to put the title of what you are making. It will prompt you to do that. You can do this after the live as well. This helps with people finding the video to watch the replay in your videos section on your Facebook page.

*Press the LIVE button...dont think just PRESS!

*If you have a second device such as a computer/tablet you may want to pull up your LIVE on that device so you can read the comments that are coming up...do that at this point. It really helps if you have a second person that can read the comments for you and you can answer them as they come in. IT is kind of tricky to read and teach at the same time.   To date I still have Dave reading my comments as I like to focus on teaching. This technique has actually worked for us as you guys all got to know Dave and how funny, quirky, annoying he is and sometimes I think the audience loves him more than me...Sigh :( If you find you're having a hard time reading the comments while teaching, don't read them...just teach and after the live is done you can go back through the comments and reply to the questions. If you choose to do it this way just tell your audience at the beginning that any questions you will reply too after the live. This is so you won't have people screaming at you to read the comments!  Maybe invite a friend over and your nerves will be a little calmer and your friend can do the reading or your spouse or your child that can read!

*Equipment... Well if the device you are reading this blog on has some sort of camera which 99% of devices nowadays do then you can do a live!  When I first started doing lives I did my lives with my computer camera.  I set my computer up on a stack of books so when I started my live, my camera was at my face level and then once I started my project I tilted my screen downwards to my work surface so people could see what I was doing.  (I had a crappy phone at the time) but I was determined to do it anyways and people still watched me...then I got a cheap video webcam from amazon that I clipped on a pole... used that for a while but wasn't happy with the clarity after awhile and I couldn't get the stupid thing to stop auto focusing in and out.  if you watched any of my earlier lives you can see that Dave and I are technically/electronically stupid! I then got a new phone cuz my other phone sucked and used my phone camera for a good while (still use it to date when I am out and about or just want to do an impromptu live) I then started saving up my money and bought myself a MEVO (now I am an internet sensation... Well in my mind I am) As you can see I have done the whole evolution of equipment for Facebook lives... All of them worked. The beginning lives were not the greatest but I still had people watching because I was just being me!

*You can pin a comment such as your Etsy page where the wreaths can be purchased. You would write a comment, post it and underneath the comment where there's "like" and "reply" it will say "pin post" hit that. If it's your first live and you're not confident that you could do this quickly just skip this step and just keep reiterating to your audience where they can purchase the wreath or your website or whatever you want them to really know.  Once you get more comfortable doing lives you will be able to do this step quite quickly right at the beginning.

*Smile and tell everyone who you are the name of your biz... This is important. Facebook lives now pop up all over the place when you least expect it and sometimes I watch a Facebook live and not even know who the heck I'm watching!

*Tell your audience a little bit about yourself.  If you're taking the steps to do a Facebook live I assume you're going to want to do following Facebook lives because you are already taking that big step.  Your audience will want to get to know you and know about you soon they will want to know how many times you go to the bathroom! (Kidding) 

*Next tell them what you're going to make or show or do.  Your Facebook lives don't always have to be doing a craft or making something. It could just be that you're going shopping and you want to show them something cool you found!  I've done it several times, I've sat and watched a Facebook live and it finished and I think to myself did I just spend 45 minutes of my life watching somebody else shop and actually enjoyed it?   

*If you are going to be showing / teaching something tell your audience this is your version of whatever your making. There are so many different ways to make wreaths and crafts and you may put your own little spin on it.  I think it is a common courtesy that if you are using say a flower petal fold you learned from another wreather to say I'm going to show you the unique in the creek Lolly petal or the Dean Michael design sunflower petal or someone came up with a combination flower it is a really nice gesture to give a shout out to the person that came up with the idea. If you come up with your own petal make sure your audience knows that you came up with this yourself and give it a name!  although before you name something do your research to make sure it is original... And if you can't pronounce the name like "cruffle" should really be said "kerfuffle" "rotary" should be called "rotorary" cuz in my mind... Bless my pea Pickin heart... That is how they sound better!  Lol

*Once you start talking you will forget the camera is even on. Keep in mind that hardcore cussing is really frowned upon!! The occasional damn or s*** if you do cuss, may come out of your mouth - don't worry about it, that's just you being you but at all costs try to avoid the *F* word, or talking anything religious,political or legal!! it can go downhill real fast if you start touching on these subjects.  Just don't do it!

*Make sure you have your camera pointed towards your project AFTER your intro so people can see what your doing.

*Teach like your teaching your friends or a family member the knows nothing about wreathing or UITC frames.  You don't know what skill set is watching you so assume it's someone that knows nothing and is "crafting" challenged!  When I used to teach workshops I always kept that mindset and just assumed the person and walking in the door could use a pair of scissors and that's pretty much all they could use.  So I even showed the basic abusing a zip tieS... I would always ask if there was anybody in my class that didn't know how to use a zip tie. No one ever raised their hands yet I would walk around the classroom and I would always get that one or two people that say "my zip ties are broken?"  no sweetie, it is not broken you are putting it in backwards...but you smile as the good teacher you are and take it from them and give them a quick lesson...oh I'm sorry it's broken let me see if I can fix it and you slowly guide them and show them that they're putting it in freaking backwards!!!  I don't know why people find it embarrassing if they don't know how to use a zip tie... I'll never get that?  So on my lives... to this day still show how use a to use a zip tie in every live!

* Keep mentioning to SHARE your LIKE your page to help build your small business... Mention it a few times during your live!  I call it showing love... If you took that big gulp and press that Go Live button and you're doing it for free people can show you the love!

*If the wreath your making is for sale tell everyone where they can purchase it.

* Don't overthink things! If you screw up it's a snippet of a ziptie to fix...if your phone falls in the mod Podge (me) or falls over and hits you in the head (Mrs. Monkey) laugh it off and go with it.  It happens to all of us! Sometimes things like this make for a really good funny live without you even trying!

*Most importantly be yourself!!!! If your not yourself you will feel and seem awkward. Your audience will know that you're trying too hard and may look a little phoney. Seriously just be yourself and if you have a trucker mouth just try to reel it in just a little...lol!
Most important have FUN and RELAX...as that is one of the main reasons people love to craft.
Your audience is there to learn but if you also have fun your audience will eventually fall in love with you and continue to come back and watch you and will bring friends to watch as well!

I am in no means a professional or a Facebook LIVE Guru but I can tell you I have been there, done that and can write the blog!

I really hope you enjoyed this blog and if you can share it I would greatly appreciate it and if you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to contact me as I am all about helping other fellow small businesses!

Laurie xoxo -Unique in the Creek (UITC)




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  • Thank You so much for the encouragement you give and for all I have learned along the way.

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