Unique Wreath Connections - Featuring Cheryl Renaud

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Hello!   My name is Cheryl Renaud (Cheryl Brown Renaud on FaceBook).  I have been married to Michael for 35 years and now we live in Bellevue, Nebraska.  We have 3 grown children, Jennifer, Sean and Melinda.   Melinda and her hubby Nick have my precious grandson Ryder who turned 2 in September.

 I was raised in Missouri and met Michael while going to college in Warrensburg.  He was Stationed at Whiteman AFB (Air Force Base). And there my adventure in life really began! We moved a year after a whopping 3 ½ hours to Offutt AFB in Bellevue, NE.  Yup... We were seeing the world haha!

After Offutt AFB we got our first BIG move! We were stationed at Keflavik, Iceland!  Of course I had a 3 year old and a 18 month old and spent almost 8 months waiting to join Mike there.  But then the kids and I did and it was wonderful. We loved it there. After 18 months we were brought back stateside and went to Clovis, NM, to Cannon AFB.   Most people hated it there, but we embraced it and made it home. They had a grocery store, small mall and you could get a bucket of KFC chicken for less than $45.  We thought we were in heaven.

In 1992-93  Michael started having some issues with short term memory.  After alot of testing and many trips to Wilford hall, it was determined that the chemicals he was working with to strip the airplane had caused damage.  The solution was to medically discharge him. He was very upset, as this was his career choice and we were in for the long haul.   During the period of them discharging him, we found out we were expecting our youngest daughter Melinda.   Jenny was 9 and Sean was 7. So this was a big surprise!   But as always, we embraced it all with joy and prepared for our new lives as civilians once again.

We stayed in NM until Melinda arrived and made our decision to move back near Offutt AFB when she was 2 months old.  We settled into semi-civilian life. I worked at Boys Town Regional Hospital for 10 years in the billing department doing mostly billing and collections and also computer work.

When Sean graduated High School, I decided to go back to college to finish my degree.  In 2008 I graduated from the University of Nebraska Omaha with a Bachelor’s degree in Systems Information Systems.  It only took me 30 years to do that.   Of course all the higher paid people were laid off in the computer industry, so they took the entry level jobs so they could survive.  I was a woman, over 40 that was a new graduate. I didn’t have a chance. So I proudly took my new degree and became a cashier at Target. Then due to medical issues, I had to stop working :(

I just hung around here for a few years doing things I could and last fall I was getting extremely bored and depressed.  I started watching YouTube videos of people making wreaths. I tried one and I was hooked! In February of this year I opened my E-commerce business  Creative Wreaths and Flowers.   Mike encouraged me because I had made 35 wreaths over the fall and Christmas season. I gave 9 away as gifts and the rest hung in our small 750 Sq Ft area.  He thought he lived in a wreath museum...LOL

I saw Laurie when she was first coming out with her system.  It was intriguing.  Not only was it creative, but also had a technical side to it.  I jumped right in and ordered the Rose and Fun Flower tutorials. AND I LOVED THEM! They are easy and make such beautiful wreaths.  When she came out with her Character boards, I was like oh YES! I ordered them and the digital prints. I had never Mod Podged and so that was a new thing.  But once again I was in love. I have not tried the horse board, but I was right there when the Tree Board came out! Yep another winner. When she brought out her affiliate program I jumped on board.  I am not able to run the personal workshops, so I am a Live teacher. Lol I don’t consider myself as teaching, I think of it as making wreaths with my friends.

I have opened my UITC line now.  I list these in my Etsy shop under this title.  I am proud to do this and excited that UITC gave me their blessing.  Laurie and Dave make the best lives and I love watching them. They are so down to earth and funny.  And I love working with Tanya. She is great and doesn’t mind if an “old” lady gets confused lol. 

Thanks to Laurie and the crew at UITC, I am having the time of my life making wreaths!

PS:   If you watch my lives, expect anything!  Whatever can happen will. I have even had lights fall on my head  LOL

Laurie's comments:  Cheryl has been so much fun to watch.  She has just as many technical problems as i do and she just goes with the flow...kinda like myself!   Cheryl has done a few UITC FB Lives and I have so enjoyed watching her...not too mention she explains what she is doing very well!  Her story is inspiring and to go back to school at a later age like she did takes alot of guts and determination!  thanks for inspiring us Cheryl!!!

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  • Where do I find the horse head wreath board


  • I would love to purchase a few of the New Rose Board please contact me as how to

    Debby Lewis

  • Looking for instruction on how to properly apply petals UITC board..just purchased one and assumed somew instruction would be on it thank-you

    Connie A Hill

  • I recently came across this unique idea in wreathing. I’m totally intrigued by this system. I love the idea of kits, which I plan on ordering after the Christmas holiday.


  • Where can i get the Orange pumkin and the yellow flower.
    Thanks Linda

    Linda Bordelon

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