Unique Wreath Connection- Featuring Kris Howery

Laurie macneill

Hey everyone!!

 My name is Kris Howery with Dux-N-Row Designs from Omaha, Nebraska.

 I was born in Cloquet, Minnesota. Don’t ya know! My family moved to Nebraska when I was 6 months old and have been here ever since. My husband and I met on a softball field in 1993 and were married in 1995. I have 2 children, Brock (22) and Brooke (19) of my own and a step-daughter, Andrea (35). She is married and also have 2 children of her own. I work a full-time as an Administrative Assistant with one of the largest food companies! My craft business really started in 2017, shortly after my husband, Mike passed away at the age of 56. Mike and I actually did wood crafts very early in our marriage. I was able to juggle everything when our son was born but after the birth of our daughter, we decided to put it on the back burner. Fast forward 18 years, my husband was diagnosed with liver cancer in February 2017 and ultimately passed away in March of 2017. My daughter was graduating high school in two months and then was heading off to college and my son was already in college. Here I am a 52 year old widow, I needed something to occupy my time! 

 So in the fall of 2017, I was helping my sister-in-law, Michelle, at a craft show she was in and I thought, I love doing this and I am good at crafts so I jumped back in! I started off doing wood signs and has evolved from there. I currently still do wood crafts, door mats, piggy banks, wreaths and a whole bunch of other crafts. Mike also cut and prepared the boards for me way back when but there was only me now. I didn’t hesitate jumping in with the various saws, nail guns, etc. I had taken wood shop in the 7th grade, yes that was many, many moons ago. How I started wreathing was a fluke. I just happened to be on Facebook and stumble across Scott Waterman with Design with Scott doing a live with Laurie. They were doing a tutorial of Mrs. Ina Field, so I started watching. They were so funny and I thought to myself, heck I can do those! I placed an order that night for the boards! The rest is history! I love, love UITC boards! Now crafting has taken over my life (and my house – lol!) and I absolutely love it. I love to watch Laurie and Dave when they are doing there tutorials. Laurie is such an amazing teacher and has fun at it! It makes it very enjoyable.

 I just received my Arkon mount and intend to start doing lives while crafting but first I need to clean up my craft area! It is an absolute mess I am embarrassed to say! I have only done 1 live before and that was when I was at a craft show. It took me a few minutes to get my nerves in check before starting. So be on the lookout for my upcoming lives! I am really wanting to become an affiliate for UITC so that is pushing me!

Please go check out my page, https://www.facebook.com/duxnrowdesigns/ and take a look at some of the amazing things I have created!                               

Hopefully you now know more about me and thank you for stopping by!

 Kris J

Laurie's comment:  It has been a pleasure watching Kris get better and better with every wreath she makes!  Her creativity and how she puts her visions together are wonderful.  She always lends a helping hand if someone has a question and gives great advice.  I can really see Kris's business starting to bloom and am very proud of her! Keep up the amazing work Kris!!!!     Make sure you go show Kris some love...as a community we can keep growing if we help each other!

Laurie xoxo

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  • wow Kris, your work is amazing! I will be sure to follow you on an FB page if you have one and will be on the lookout for your lives!

    Nancy James

  • How can I buy from you. Do you sell from your house or are you at boutiques

    Sonja Erspamer

  • Kris just made a custom ordered unicorn wreath for my daughters baby shower and WOW it is beautiful. I was so happy with her work and unique, cool idea. She will not disappoint. Highly recommend anything she does.

    Jeanne Peers

  • Dux-N-Row is hands down the cutest wreaths I’ve ever seen!! Kris is an amazing woman with such amazing talent and the sweetest personality!

    Tracey Hamor

  • So sorry to hear about your hubby passing. Glad you found something enjoyable to do!

    Laurie Macneill

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