UNIQUE WREATH CONNECTIONS - Featuring Patsy Hazelwood

Laurie macneill

My name is Patsy Journigan Hazelwood (my friends call me PJ)...on Aug 21 I will be 66 years old!

I have two children...a son in Delaware (married) and a daughter here with me and a 5 yr old grandson.I worked at Dan River til they closed down. I went back to school at 56 and got an associated degree in accounting.  I went to work at a bank (where I hung my wreaths) and I worked there til I was 62.  I retired shortly after 4 bank robbers came in and robbed the bank I worked at!!! they wanted the money more than I did. LOL  I have 4 little dogs who light up my days...and give me lots to do and clean up LOL.

Our city offered a wreathing class for $20 and it included all the supplies to make a wreath and the class..I thought...Good I can take the class and make me a wreath...cause they were a little out of my price range. I really enjoyed the class and I took that wreath to work and hung it up.  Well, everyone wanted to know where I got it...It was that "I made that moment" and I was very proud!

I started making them and would hang them up for people to pick up and then other people would see them and it went from there.

I never got into selling online, just local. I made wreaths for my Mom until she passed away. I have been doing this for about 7 years. Have met some wonderful people...including Laurie from UITC.

I saw the UITC rose on someones FB page and fell in love with it...My Mother loved Pink Roses (she died before I retired).  One of my friends loved the roses I did so my friends have a lot of my work on their doors!!!

Social Security doesn't go real far and making the wreaths makes extra money for me.   Everyone loves the UITC roses I make...I have always loved things like no one else had...something Unique and the UITC boards give the opportunity to do that.  I always try to make something that I know someone would be proud to hang on their door or in their home. My house is not a castle...but it is mine and Thank God it is paid for :)

What I love most about UITC? Where do I begin: I love the versatility of the boards and how many options we have to use them to design our own creations. I love the tutorials and how much fun you having designing for others. You give us the basic steps and we can take it from there. I love the simplicity of the boards and I realize how much thought went into each one of them. I love UITC customer service. You know us and answer us back when we have questions. The boards are designed so everyone can use them for that “I made that moment.“

I just want to leave something behind after I am gone...that they can say yes I knew her and Yes she made that!

I love what you do Laurie and your love of what you do and your zest for life! Don't ever change!

I can be found on Facebook as Patsy Hazelwood in Danville, VA. (fun fact:We are the last capital of the Confederacy!) 

Here is just a few of my UITC wreaths I have done....hope you enjoy them.




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  • Hi PJ. Glad to chat with you. I’m 63 and so glad we have found our inch in life. Your work is stunning so keep up the great work.

    Barbara Wilkins

  • Thank you all again! And Thank you Laurie….and Unique in the Creek….I love your boards and all of your creations!

    Patsy Hazelwood

  • I am purchasing the UITC FLOWER FRAME, now do you do a class or a video to show me how to do these beautiful flowers?


  • What kind of wreaths are these? How are they made?

    Tammy Johnson

  • Need to purchase your two tone pink rose pattern?

    Evelyn Binion

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