Unique Wreath Connections - Featuring NANCY JAMES

Laurie macneill

My name is Nancy James, I am a mom to 20-year-old Senior Airman Cameron James, currently on a 2-year tour in Japan. I am also the wife of a very supporting husband, Ralf. I am also raising my little fur brother Skippy as I was asked by my mom to take care of him when she passed away 3 1/2 years ago. 

I was born and raised in Freedom, PA Beaver County, and I still reside here, it's about 25 miles northwest of Pittsburgh.

I worked in food service for several years and tended bar in fancy restaurants before finding myself working as a CSR for RPS, which is now FedEx.  I became pregnant in 1997 at the age of 35 (It was a bit of a rough pregnancy).  After giving birth, I found myself with horrible back pain and the arthritis that I'd had since I was a little girl was much worse, so we decided that I take a few years off and if I wanted to work later to find something part time...which is what I did.  I decided to start tending bar again at a local club 2 blocks from my home. I went back to work in 2002 a few days a week at a place that I was already a member of and knew everyone because it was in the town I grew up in.  It was great, I had fun and I did it for 9 years, until I just couldn't do it anymore because of arthritic pain and back pain.......so, I haven't worked since 2011.

I was recently diagnosed with Lupus after many years and tests, so I do my best to keep busy, some days are easier than others!

I started crafting almost 40 years ago, whether it be making and selling bows for wreaths and packages, decorating and painting on clothing, making basket arrangements and centerpieces, along with making wreaths.    Most times I would just make wreaths for family and friends, and I sold a few here and there by word of mouth, but that was all before home PCs, YouTube tutorials, and especially Facebook.

When my mom passed away in 2015, my sister and I took turns staying at her house with her dog.  I would see my family every day because my home was only a couple of blocks from my parent's home, but while Ralf was at work and Cameron was in school, I was bored stiff, so hubby had the internet hooked up (my mom didn't have it) and I started watching tutorials on YouTube and fell in love with decoupage. I found a page called “Create with Decoupage and Paint” on FB and joined the group.  I have made a ton of friends, particularly the creator of the group and owner of the store Decoupage Designs USA, we became very close and she asked me to become and admin almost 3 years ago.
Turns out, mom left me the house, so my husband and I did some remodeling and updating in the Fall of 2015 and we moved in right before Christmas of that year.  Still creating decoupage pieces, I felt like I wanted to start making wreaths again too, so I made a few for myself, sister and niece and then decided to start making some to add to my page https://www.facebook.com/NancyJsCreations/?ref=bookmarks with my decoupaged pieces and they've become quite popular.

I started seeing all of these beautiful roses on some of the wreath groups I belong to and couldn't believe how realistic and perfect they were, so I took the plunge and purchased the package, 3 tutorials, and of course I got 3 boards to start..after that first rose, I knew I was hooked!!!!!

I think for the first couple of months I placed an order every week!!! I love the ease of UITC, the versatility, I mean, I can't believe how much you can do with one board. Then Laurie had to get even craftier and introduce the character boards, oh and horse heads, and don't forget the Christmas trees! I love how clean the back is once completed and so do my customers.

I don't do tutorials or lives as I am technically challenged LOL…but will be recruiting my son when he comes home for a visit in December to help me with that one. 

I hope that you will hop over to my page and look through my albums as there is much more than wreaths!!!

Nancy xoxo

Laurie’s comments:  I have loved Nancy’s Creations since day one that she started UITC.  Her choices of colors and the way she takes the time to make her pictures look perfect and the framing of them always impresses me!   She has a way of finessing her wreaths and is very detailed!  Nancy is always friendly and lends a helping hand to ME on my page whenever she can and I so APPRECIATE IT!   Keep doing YOU Nancy as you are doing FABULOUS!

You can find all of Nancy’s creations on her Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/NancyJsCreations/

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  • Your stuff is beautiful. I wonder do the boards come with instructions? I have watched your tutorials, but I worried I’m missing something! I’m going to buy some of your boards and give them a try. How do you make the Hourse and Tree out of felt? Thank you in advance for any information you can give me. What size are the pieces of felt?


  • Nice supplies.

    Cindy Seymour

  • Nancy, you are such an awesome crafter no matter what you are setting out to do! Your creativity and love show in all your projects, and your attention to detail is impeccable. I’m proud of your accomplishments and to call you my friend and fellow Artist.

    Aprilann Passeck

  • I met Nancy a few years ago and found her FB page and fell in love with her wreaths! If I had more front doors, I’d buy them all!
    I tell everyone who enters my home, Nancy made this, want one? 😁
    Great knowing you!! 💜

    Lisa Osegueda

  • I met Nancy a few years ago and found her FB page and fell in love with her wreaths! If I had more front doors, I’d buy them all!
    I tell everyone who enters my home, Nancy made this, want one? 😁
    Great knowing you!! 💜

    Lisa Osegueda

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