Wreathing Boards

Here you'll find all of UITC™'s specialized wreath making boards. Each is designed with endless possibilities; if you can picture it, UITC™ boards can help you create it. No more pipe cleaners and no more messy backs! We recommend using 18LB zip ties (6"-8" length) to affix your decomesh/burlap and accessories to our boards. They fit perfectly through the pre-drilled guide holes and secure your materials fast and reliably.

At UITC™ we pride ourselves on reducing our carbon footprint 
and producing as little waste as possible! All of our wreath making boards are 
100% recyclable and made from 100% recycled plastic; UITC™ boards help 
make the world a better place with less waste. Instead of paper instructions for our designs, we offer free creation support through customer service at uniqueinthecreek@hotmail.com and our video tutorials HERE, both help us maintain our commitment to the environment! If at any time you need assistance, we are always happy to help however we can! 

***Please note, finished wreaths are not for sale, they are used for demonstration purposes only.***