Decomesh | 10.25″ X 10 YD | Orange | DELUXE WIDE FOIL MESH


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Most of the deluxe mesh just has more foil per roll. It may be a solid color with more strips of the narrow foil or stripes, or it may even have a strip of foil in each weave. The deluxe foils and wide foils yield the best coverage as they are denser and less see through. Deluxe mesh comes in all sorts of solid colors and stripes.

MATERIAL: 90% Metallic Foil and Polypropylene threads

RECOMMENDED: UITC™ Favorite mesh! This mesh is a very showy mesh, it is very sparkly all over.  It is 90% foil and has exceedingly small gaps in the weave, you can even skip a row on the rose design it is so full.  This mesh is a bit more money, so you do not want to cover this mesh with too much as the mesh is gorgeous all on its own!  Deluxe foil mesh is one of Laurie’s favorite mesh to work with.  It makes beautiful flowers especially the rose, the sunflower petal, and the poinsettia petal. It is available in a wide variety of colors, solids and pattern designs are available.  It does not seal well due to the foil but, it is durable with not too much fray.

FRAY:  Low to Medium

COVERAGE:  Very Good

SKU: RE134120

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