300. Cluck Oink Moo “PAPER” image center


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The image you will receive is a high quality color laser printed image insert, simply cut to size and affix to your?UITC? wreath making board! The image is printed on 32LB paper and is?designed to be used as part of our complete wreathing system using the UITC? Character Wreath Board; simply decoupage the image onto the board, no wiring required.

Pro Tips – Affix the image to your wreathing?board using a thin layer of podge or decoupage. Spread the adhesive over the entire solid middle of the board, make sure you get right to the first row of holes around the centre, foam paint brushes work best. Apply image making sure the hanging holes for the wreath are at the top and centered. You will have some time to move the image around before it sets, use this time to make sure the image is centered. Then working from the centre outward, squeegee the image to ensure you remove all air bubbles and creases. Once dried you can spray with a sealant to ensure weatherproof.?

?***Image designs are property of Unique in the Creek?. It is strictly prohibited to show, share, sell (except on completed wreaths) or distribute Unique in the Creek? Tutorial(s) on any social media outlets. You may, however use Unique in the Creek wreathing system for teaching purposes also in selling a completed wreath . All list and patterns are owned by UITC. Our wreathing system is covered by a DESIGN and UTILITY Patent. Infringement can result in legal issues.

Image designs are owned and Copyrighted by Unique in the Creek?

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