Decomesh | 10.5″ X 10YD | Pink | White | METALLIC | COTTON DRIFT | MESH


Decomesh is an incredibly versatile weatherproof material that is perfect for wreath making!

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Snowball/Snowdrift Mesh is poly synthetic mesh some may/may not have foil strips and additional little puffs of material that makes the mesh have a snowdrift or popcorn look. This mesh is like snowball mesh, the snowballs are connected all the way around the mesh, and it is more solid.
MATERIAL: Polypropylene with white fluffy polyester strands
RECOMMENDED: This mesh is extremely popular in the wintertime and Easter for bunnies. It also makes gorgeous winter Flowers and the UITC snowman and Mr. and Mrs. Clause designs. It is a pricier mesh; however, you can alternate with another mesh of the same color to save money in designs where you use this mesh. You can heat seal this mesh and is available in a wide array of colors.
SKU: RY810063

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