Completed Flower Wreath | Black/Champagne Fabric Mesh| Black Rhinestone or Champagne Rope Center


A Unique Flower Wreath created and signed by Laurie Franklin!

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DIY wreath making has never been easier AND we now offer completed wreaths, woo hoo! So if you’re not a DIY wreath maker by heart but, love that handmade vibe, Unique creations styled by Laurie are now available!

This wreath is a full completed flower wreath (approximately 30″ in diameter)

This  Wreath was handmade and signed by Laurie, there is not a live replay for this design. You can view like designs HERE.

This is a single unique product created for an event, there will not be more available. First come, first serve, please note that payment secures the item, not your cart.

SKU: finished-wreath-009

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