Decomesh | 10″ X 10YD | CORAL | IRIDISCENT FOIL | MESH


Decomesh is an incredibly versatile weatherproof material that is perfect for wreath making!

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Metallic Foil Mesh may sometimes be listed as just metallic foil, or descriptions may say laser foil. The foil strips in the mesh are narrow and spaced usually less than half an inch apart in the weave. This sometimes gives a bit of a striped look. The foil strips may be the same color as the poly mesh, or they may be different. Metallic foil mesh comes in all sorts of solid colors and patterns including stripes, plaids, and checks.  Also called thin foiled mesh, Metallic Value mesh, Irid. Foil mesh

MATERIAL: Polypropylene and small strands of metallic

RECOMMENDED: this is a less expensive mesh and is best suited to poofs, ruffles, Kerfuffle’s, and curls. It is not ideal for flowers unless you seal the edges or use for a layered design like the Ombre Flower.

FRAY: HIGH if not heat sealed



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