Decomesh | 10″ X 10YD | POLY BURLAP | CHECK | Lavender | MESH


Decomesh is an incredibly versatile weatherproof material that is perfect for wreath making!

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This is a 10″ wide, 10-yard length roll of woven deco poly burlap mesh. This material is made from thick fibers resembling woven burlap. Poly burlap is waterproof, durable, and reusable, making it a great choice for making outdoor decorations and wreaths.
MATERIAL: Polypropylene
RECOMMENDED: heat sealing by a wood burning tool or impulse sealer. This mesh does fray significantly if not sealed. This is a very thick mesh and exceptionally good for Sunflower type wreaths that have flat petals.
FRAY: HIGH if not heat sealed
SKU: RP812813

Windowpane Style Mesh.

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