Decomesh is an incredibly versatile weatherproof material that is perfect for wreath making!

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Value Mesh (no foil) solid color mesh that is plain and has no foil. It is available in many colors and widths. It is may be synthetic poly material (plastic) and has good resistance to moisture, but as with any plastic product, will fade in direct weather.
MATERIAL: Polypropylene
RECOMMENDED: this is a more economical material with a loose weave. It frays a lot but, it comes in a wide array of colors and is perfect for a wreath base with added ribbon tails and bows. Because of the loose weave, if you are using this with our boards, you should double it up to prevent the board from showing through or prep your board with a like colored spray paint. This mesh is perfect for Ombre Designs as the layering of colors hides the loose weave. It is also waterproof and durable. Sometimes it can be a little stiffer but, it will hold shape well. This mesh works great for Flower Designs that use folded petals like the Star Trek, Gerbera Petal, Carnation Petal.
FRAY: HIGH if not heat sealed
SKU: RE130210

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