Decomesh is an incredibly versatile weatherproof material that is perfect for wreath making!

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This is a value mesh that has a border around the outer edges, it comes in a wide array of colors and multiple colors in one. Borders come in Metallic and Jute usually with 3 stripes along the vertical of the mesh.
MATERIAL: Polypropylene with metallic foil or poly jute strands to make the stripe along the sides of this mesh.
RECOMMENDED: It is best suited for making ruffles, it is not an ideal material for flowers or for poofs. Not ideal for petals designs because of the border but works well in a Ruffle Petal for our Christmas Tree, or a Carnation. It is also great for Character Board Designs. If you have a gorgeous border stripe you want to be able to see it!
FRAY: HIGH if not heat sealed
COVERAGE: GOOD if using ruffles or kerfuffle’s
SKU: XB107910-49

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