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DIY wreath making has never been this easy! Our Wreath Making Boards are designed with Makers in mind, less time, fewer materials and gorgeous results every time!


DIY Wreath Making has never been this easy, you’ve been waiting for this! Perfect as the base for all our rail and swag style designs, The UITC™ Small Wreath Board is our most versatile Wreath Board / Frame.
The UITC™ Rail Wreath Board© is a 10×13″ partial board style DIY Wreath frame. This board allows you to create gorgeous traditional wreaths easily and with just about any material available. The board itself is 100% weatherproof and constructed out of 100% recycled plastic, this DIY Wreath Board is also recyclable itself. This DIY Wreath Board creates a finished wreath approximately 18 – 22″ but, can be much bigger depending on the materials used. 
FREE video on using the Rail Wreath Board with our Vinyl Decals peel and stick wreath signage HERE!
Turn your UITC™ Rail Wreath Board into a wreath frame and sign all in one with one of our digital or vinyl image inserts (must purchase separately) to easily create characters, scenery or a themed wreath for sports teams, events and holidays. This wreath making system was designed with ease, speed and cost in mind and when used in conjunction with a UITC™ image inserts (Vinyl Decals and Digital Images) to fill the middle of the board, you can cut your time and your supplies substantially.

At UITC™ we pride ourselves on reducing our carbon footprint and producing as little waste as possible! All of our wreath making boards are 100% recyclable and made from 100% recycled plastic; UITC™ boards help make the world a better place with less waste.

Instead of paper instructions for our designs, we offer free creation support through free video tutorials HERE, both help us maintain our commitment to the environment! 

***Finished wreaths are for demonstration purposes only.

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