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DIY wreath making has never been this easy! Our Wreath Making Boards are designed with Makers in mind, less time, fewer materials and gorgeous results every time!


DIY Wreath making has never been this easy! The UITC™ Wing Wreath Board© is a 16″ full board style DIY Wreath frame. This board allows you to create gorgeous Angel Wing and Butterfly wreaths easily and with just about any material available. The board itself is 100% weatherproof and can withstand all manner of conditions. Your DIY Wreath creation is well backed with UITC. Available NOW in our Amazon Shop, Prime Eligible of course!
The Wing Wreath Board© is constructed entirely out of 100% recycled plastic. It’s even 100% recyclable but, they will last forever as they are virtually indestructible. The board creates a finished wreath approximately 18 – 22″ but, can be much bigger depending on the materials used. We recommend using cable ties with all of our wreath boards to attach materials. You can use any material you wish as long as you can zip a cable tie around it. This also means you will use far less materials! There is no need to wrap materials around the board, there is less waste.
At UITC™ we pride ourselves on reducing our carbon footprint and producing as little waste as possible! All of our DIY Wreath making boards are 100% recyclable and made from 100% recycled plastic. UITC™ boards help make the world a better place with less waste. Visit us on You Tube for step by step tutorials on all our boards!

***Finished wreaths are for demonstration purposes only.

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