Halloween 3 "DIGITAL" Image - Not a physical product

Unique in the Creek

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Halloween 3 "DIGITAL" Image - Not a physical product

PDF digital image for printing and decoupage onto Unique in the Creek Character wreathing Board! 

Apply printed face/scenery right into center of our frame...no wiring signs required!

Instructions - https://uniqueinthecreek.com/pages/how-to-order-digital-images-from-copy-store

Must have a PDF reader on your viewing system.  Adobe free reader

Print as many as you want there is no limit once you have purchased.

Digital images are property of Unique in the Creek™. It is strictly prohibited to show, share, sell (except on completed wreaths) or distribute Unique in the Creek™ Tutorial(s) on any social media outlets. You may, however use Unique in the Creek wreathing system for teaching purposes also in selling a completed wreath . All list and patterns are owned by UITC. Our wreathing system is covered by a DESIGN and UTILITY Patent. Infringement can result in legal issues.

Digital images are owned and Copyrighted by Unique in the Creek

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