With UITC™, DIY Wreath Making Has Never Been Easier!

Introducing a Unique Twist on Wreath Making

Decorate your home with a stunning handmade wreath!

Say goodbye to wire wreath frames and HELLO to versatile Wreath Boards from Unique in the Creek!


At Unique in the Creek, we design and manufacture patented innovative wreath boards that simplify DIY wreath making.

UITC™ Wreath Making Boards are the base for all your wreath making projects: They’re made entirely of 100% recycled plastic, they’re weather resistant, they can be reused, and they feature patterned holes to which you can attach all your materials. And yes, they’re easy and fun to use, and get you stunning results every time!

We offer 10 wreath making boards of different shapes and sizes that can help you get a variety of different results, all while taking less time and using fewer materials than traditional wreath making methods. Once you try our boards, you’ll never go back to wire frames again!


Let’s take a look at how our Wreath Boards work…

Our Oval Board & Ring Board are great choices for those transitioning over from wire frames, but our Large Board is well-loved too, as it makes our wildly popular Signature Flower Wreath designs! Here’s a quick step-by-step on how the Large Board works:

First, you pre-load your UITC™ Large Wreath Board with zip ties.

Then, with the help of those zip ties, you begin adding your materials. These materials can be anything from ribbon to mesh, and everything in between. As long as you can wrap a zip tie around it, you can put it on our boards!

Mesh is a popular material choice for many of our wreath boards, but especially for flower designs made on the Large Board. It’s great for making petals and leaves!

To learn how to cut and fold your mesh, visit our YouTube “All About Beginners” Playlist.

After that, you add your finishing touches. For this, we have a wide variety of accessories in our shop (e.g. flower centres) or you could use other materials to make your own!

You’ll love the feeling of seeing your wreath come together. And just look at how beautiful it all turns out! You’ll feel so satisfied having made a stunning piece of decor with your own hands. Keep it for your home, or give it as a gift!

Spring, summer, fall, winter, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, you can do it all with our unique wreath making system.

Beautiful Results, Every Time!

Here is a small sampling of what YOU can do with our Wreath Boards. Let your imagination run WILD!

New Here? Check Out Some of These Resources!

We’ve got a special resource to make your learning experience even easier: A YouTube playlist full of FREE wreathing tips, tricks, techniques, and hacks!

Everything you need to start wreathing is right in this playlist, from how to use our wreath boards, to petal techniques, to creating wreath flower centres, and MORE!

We continually add to this playlist, so make sure you bookmark it!

Our blog has lots of great tips for beginners:

-How to stop your deco mesh from fraying.

-Learn about the types of deco mesh and what they’re best used for.

-Read all about how to make a Signature Flower Wreath.

All this and more on our blog!

Knock-off boards are out there, and we’ve been seeing them more and more. They are lower quality, are typically made overseas, and won’t work with our video replay & tutorials. Authentic UITC™ Wreath Boards:

-Always have the UITC™ logo embossed on the back.
-Are weather-proof & durable, made to withstand the elements.
-Have the holes laid out in a clear pattern.
-Have clearly numbered rows of holes.
-Are the only boards that will work with #MakeitlikeLaurie replays
-Are made here in North America!

Remember, when in doubt, genuine UITC™ Wreath Boards can be purchased through our online shop or through one of our Authorized Distributors. When you purchase your boards one of these ways, you are guaranteed to be “authentically unique!”


You’re going to love that DIY feeling⁠ ♥️— and the beautiful result! 😍