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How to Make a Butterfly Wreath or Insect Wreath

How to Make a Butterfly Wreath or Insect Wreath

Let's talk about spring decorating! Are you thinking of making a butterfly wreath or another type of insect? Great idea!

This is the perfect time of year to find inspiration from nature for your next wreath project. From majestic butterflies to adorable ladybugs, and imperial dragonflies, or busy bumblebees, we think these flying friends make for fabulous muses for some springtime decorating. Just think of how sweet a butterfly or insect wreath could look on your front door!

Butterflies are a bit of a favourite, but really, any of these creatures will do for a gorgeous springtime wreath. All it requires is a little imagination, some wreath supplies, and a UITC Wreath Board. So if you're wondering how to make a stunning butterfly wreath or insect, read on!

What You Need to Make Your Butterfly Wreath

First things first, if you want to make the perfect butterfly or insect wreath, you're going to need to get the shape right... after all, butterflies and insects aren't the traditional round or ring wreath shape. Fortunately, here Unique in the Creek, we've got you covered with our UITC™ Wreath Boards, and in particular, our Wing Wreath Board.

Our Wing Wreath Board mimics the shape of any flying creature you can imagine, so it's the perfect base for all your butterfly and insect creations! Our Wing Wreath Board will make your butterfly wreath making a snap, every time!

Browse Our Wing Wreath Board

Next, you're going to need a body for your insect. You can either make one yourself using your own ingenuity and, of course, some craft supplies (don't forget the antennae!), or, you could just grab one of our insect bodies. Our insect bodies are specifically designed to be affixed to our Wing Wreath Boards and will really bring your butterfly or insect to life!

Browse Our Wreath Accents 

Once you've got your Wing Wreath Board and insect body ready to go, think about COLOUR! Also, consider how you'd like to make the wings of your insect or butterfly wreath, as well as any other flourishes you might like to add. This is where the fun and unique creativity really comes in. Decomesh is always a popular and great choice for your wing materials, and in our online store we've got lots of it, as well as many other craft materials! And pssst - don't forget the zip ties for affixing everything to your wreath board.

How to Make a Butterfly Wreath

Once you've got all of your materials, you'll be ready to make your butterfly. But if you're looking for a bit more of a guide, check out our YouTube channel for inspiration! Be sure to hit the subscribe bell while you're over there. Here we've included some of Laurie's helpful video replays related to butterflies and insects for some ideas and tips -

Wreath Hints, Tips, Tricks & Hacks

Laure has also put together some videos specifically to help with the fundamentals of wreath making. We think you'll find these handy!

Butterfly & Insect Wreath Inspiration!

For inspiration, look at the absolutely STUNNING insect and butterfly wreaths that both Laurie and some our friends have made—all using UITC™ Wreath Boards!

Made by Kim from Kim's Handmade Kreations.

Made by Judy Reynolds.

Springtime Wreath Making starts at Unique in the Creek

However you decide to make your springtime butterfly wreath or insect wreath, you can stock up on the supplies you need at Unique in the Creek. Make sure to pick up the UITC™ Wreath Boards you'll need as a base for your creation and add any any other decomesh, materials, and supplies to your order. Once you've made your creation, be sure to share your photos on Instagram and tag @uniqueinthecreek so we can admire your work!

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