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And welcome to a brand new wreath making experience! At Unique In The Creek™ we design and manufacture specialized wreath making BOARDS. We are proud to offer frames constructed entirely out of 100% recycled plastic that are 100% recyclable;  UITC™ boards help make the world a better place with less waste! We offer several specialized wreath making boards that can help you create anything from dazzling daffodils to majestic unicorns and our unique wreath making method allows anyone with any skill level to make a gorgeous wreath every time! With crafty entrepreneurs and workshop hosts in mind, UITC™ has created a streamlined system that helps you create more wreaths with far less materials than traditional wreath making methods. Our Wreathing Boards are a game changer for craft shows, less time and fewer supplies means more money in your pocket! You've been waiting for this! 

The Signature UITC™ Rose Wreath

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Below are direct links to our favorite Amazon suppliers,  with Prime deals of course! Use everything Laurie does to help create your perfect wreath and get it at a great deal! 

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