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Make a Halloween Wreath Using the UITC™ Character Board

Make a Halloween Wreath Using the UITC™ Character Board

Calling all Halloween super fans! Have you started on your Halloween wreath yet?

There are just so many fantastic crafting opportunities this time of year due to all the eerie and fun characters that Halloween inspires! Ever see a cute pumpkin wreath or a bewitching witch wreath and wonder how the maker was able to achieve the look? The wreath was probably made on a UITC™ Character Wreath Board!

Whether you’d like to help spook-ify your neighbourhood with some creepy Halloween decor or delight your trick-or-treaters with a fun Halloween wreath, the UITC™ Character Wreath Board is the wreath board for you! It's one of our most popular wreath boards because there's just so much you can do with it. Making wreaths with our boards is just so fun, easy, and satisfying. You're going to love that DIY feeling!

Read on to learn how to make your Halloween wreath on our Character Board!

Start Your Halloween Wreath with the UITC™ Character Wreath Board

Making a Halloween wreath all begins with a UITC™ Character Wreath Board.

The UITC™ Character Wreath Board is a solid round design made from 100% recycled plastic. It's also 100% weather-proof, made to withstand all kinds of outdoor conditions. This is very important in the chilly, wet, and windy fall months! You can even re-use the board if you’d prefer to make another design. It’s durable and constructed to last.

This board is 16" in diameter unfinished and creates a finished wreath approximately 20-32" in diameter depending on the materials you use.

The centre of the Character Board is where the magic begins! This board is designed to have an image affixed to the middle; it could depict a character's face, scenery, or a theme. Whatever you choose to put in the centre, from a monster face to a fun Halloween greeting, will be the "star" of your creation. Ultimately, the image selection will be the anchor for your design choices... And we've got so many options for your wreath centre!

Image Inserts: Add "Character" To Your Wreath

At Unique in the Creek, we offer a wide selection of image inserts that you can affix to the centre of your Character Board. No matter what character or theme you choose for your Halloween wreath, we probably have an insert for it! Our inserts come in three types to best suit your needs: Vinyl (the most popular), Paper, and Digital.

Our vinyl inserts are so easy to use — just peel and stick!

Each vinyl insert is entirely laminated so it is protected from scratching, UV rays, and harsh weather conditions. Your image will stay as vibrant as the day you purchased it!

Browse Our Vinyl Deca

The UITC™ paper image inserts are high quality colour and laser printed. Simply cut to size and decoupage your image to your Character Board. No wiring required!

We also have digital image inserts, which you can download and print right at home. The purchase includes unlimited usage of the image. You can print the image over and over again for all of your workshop and craft show needs!

Add Materials & Accessories

Once you have your chosen image insert affixed to the middle of the board, it's time to add materials and accessories to your wreath!

You can decorate the outer rings of the board with deco mesh, felt, fabric, ribbon, or other materials and accessories. This will give your Halloween wreath the decorative dimensions that make those amazing finished wreaths you see on Pinterest so dynamic. What's more, you can get all this and more in our online store!

You can also browse your local craft or dollar store for extra materials to make an eye-catching wreath for the lowest price possible. It’ll look like a million bucks when it only cost a few dollars. You can find some great things for your Halloween wreath at the dollar store, including fall florals, spiderwebs, costume elements, and more!

We recommend using cable ties (zip ties) with all of our DIY wreath boards to attach your materials. You can use any material you wish as long as you can zip a cable tie around it. This helps you use fewer materials so that the wreath making process is more cost effective and environmentally friendly. (No need to wrap materials around the board, thank goodness!)

How to Make a Halloween Wreath

What is Halloween without a witch? Follow along with the video replay below to learn how to make your very own witch Halloween wreath! Keep in mind this is part one of two, so be sure to watch part two after to finish your wreath!

If you want to make a Halloween wreath that is a bit kooky rather than spooky and really catches the eye, you can't go wrong with a purple people eater wreath! Learn how to make it in the video replay below:

When it comes to a Halloween wreath, there are so many characters to choose from--mummies, witches, vampires, and many more! But you could also use our Character Board to create a creepy scene, as shown in this video replay:

If you need more help creating your Halloween wreath, we have hundreds of YouTube tutorials and live replays to help you along the way. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and check out our Halloween Designs Playlist. More replays are being added all the time!

DIY Halloween Wreaths

Have a look at these kooky and spooky Halloween wreaths to get some wreathing inspiration:

As you can see, the sky is the limit when it comes to creating a Halloween wreath on the Character Board. If you can dream it, you can make it on our Character Board!

...And Don't Forget About the Rail Wreath Board!

Our Rail Wreath Board is another great option if you'd like to incorporate an image insert into your Halloween wreath in a different way. With this board, your image can be affixed to the top round section, with your materials attached via cable ties in the section underneath (the "rail"). (Or, you can flip the whole thing around and put your materials on top and your image insert below, it's totally up to you!) Just look at one of the awesome Halloween wreaths made on the Rail Board by our friend, Annette Acton Thrasher!

Now Available for the Character & Rail Board: Themed 5 Packs!

So, are you ready to start making your Halloween wreath on the Character or Rail Board? If so, great news! We're now offering Themed Vinyl 5 Packs! We have a pack especially for Halloween, but we also have packs available for fall/Thanksgiving, Christmas, "Welcome" greetings, and fun faces. Get your packs today to bundle, SAVE, and start creating!

Check out all of our 5-packs, including terrific options for Christmas wreath making!

Here at Unique in the Creek, we really do believe that wreath making is for everyone. You don't need any previous crafting experience to have fun and to create something beautiful for your home or to give as a gift!

So now that we've shown you how to make a Halloween wreath, it's time to get started! Click here for wreath boards, materials, supplies, kits, and more. Don't forget to tag us in your photos on Instagram so we can see and sha

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