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The Best Patriotic Wreaths: American & Canadian Wreath Designs

The Best Patriotic Wreaths: American & Canadian Wreath Designs

Americans and Canadians, how do you love celebrating your country?

When it comes to patriotic holidays like Memorial Day, the 4th of July, and Canada Day, you might like inviting over your family and friends, getting outside, lighting up the barbecue, and/or enjoying some fireworks. But of course, you can't celebrate these holidays without also doing a little patriotic decorating! It's the perfect way to show your love of country, to honour the troops, and of course, to flex your creative muscle while making something gorgeous!

So we thought we’d show you some of the best patriotic wreaths to inspire your home decorating and party planning. After all, America and Canada sure are beautiful, and you should have decor to match that beauty! Patriotic decorating ideas start here!

The Best Patriotic Wreaths Start on UITC™ Wreath Boards

All the patriotic wreaths we're about to show you have one major thing in common (aside from being gorgeous, of course!): They were all made on UITC™ Wreath Making Boards!

UITC™ Wreath Boards are the base for all your wreath making projects. They're made entirely of 100% recycled plastic, they're weather resistant, they can be reused, and they feature patterned holes to which you can attach all your materials. And yes, they're easy and fun to use, and get you stunning results every time!

We offer several wreath making boards of different shapes and sizes that can help you get a variety of different results:

Browse Our Wreath Making Boards

We recommend using cable ties (zip ties) with all of our wreath making boards to attach your materials. You really can use any material you wish as long as you can zip a cable tie around it! This helps you use fewer materials so that the patriotic wreath making process is much more cost effective and environmentally friendly.

And speaking of materials, everything you need to create the best patriotic wreaths is located in our online shop: from mesh, to ribbon, to wreath signs, to vinyls for our Character & Rail Boards, to all kinds of accessories, we have it all! We're your one-stop shop for all your crafting and wreath making needs.

The Best Patriotic Wreaths: American Designs

So with that, let's dive into some of the best American patriotic wreath designs... featuring our dear friend, Michele at Monkey's Creations!

Michele, the owner and creative genius behind Monkey's Creations, is an amazingly talented crafter and wreath maker from Texas who's made a variety of wreaths on our wreath making boards over the years. And some of our most favourite of these wreaths are her patriotic American wreath designs!

Patriotic Flower Wreath made using the Large Board, but you could also make a similar wreath on the Small Board!

And Michele's patriotic wreath designs don't stop there! You can find many more of her best patriotic wreaths on the Monkey's Creations Facebook page, and replays of her making them on the Monkey's Creations YouTube channel.

Of course, Unique in the Creek's Laurie has also made her fair share of patriotic American wreaths. We may be a Canadian company, but we love the USA too! Here are just a couple of Laurie's patriotic American wreath designs:

Pro Tip: When you’re including stars in your patriotic American wreath, make sure they’re never on the bottom of the wreath, but towards the top. This is proper flag etiquette. For more hot tips on creating your patriotic American wreaths, read this blog post!

The Best Patriotic Wreaths: Canadian Designs

Canadians, we haven't forgotten about you! We are Canadian, after all, so we know how much Canadians love their country. We love it too!

Some of our favourite Canadian wreath designs come from Liz at Crafty Liz CreeAtions. Liz is an incredible Indigenous crafter and wreath maker who takes great pride in her country. You can really see this in Crafty Liz CreeAtions' gorgeous patriotic Canadian wreaths:

Be sure to follow Crafty Liz CreeAtions on Facebook and subscribe to the Crafty Liz Creeations YouTube channel for more stunning wreath designs!

And let's not forget, Laurie has also made some beautiful Canadian patriotic wreaths too! Here are just a few:

As you can see, from flowers, to butterflies, to crosses, to gnomes, you can really create any patriotic wreath on our wreath making boards—it's all about integrating the right colours, imagery, and accessories. The only limit to what you can create on our boards is your imagination. In other words, the possibilities are endless!

Learn to Make the Best Patriotic Wreaths With Video Replays

Now that you've seen some of our all-time favourite American and Canadian designs, you might be wondering how exactly to put together one of these patriotic creations.

Well, you're in luck! Just like Monkey's Creations and Crafty Liz CreeAtions, we also have a YouTube channel packed with hundreds of replays and tutorials where you can learn to "Make it like Laurie". Using our #MakeitlikeLaurie replays and videos from both our featured wreath makers, let's look at two different ways to make two patriotic designs:

Two Ways to Make a Patriotic American Eagle Wreath

Two Ways to Make a Patriotic Canadian Wreath With a Wreath Sign

Subscribe to our channel to make sure you don't miss out on any upcoming replays or tutorials. And 👉 click here to browse the entire DIY Easter Wreath video playlist!

Be Sure You Are "Authentically Unique!"

Before you get started on your patriotic creations, we unfortunately need to give a little attention to knock-off boards. They're out there, and we've been seeing them more and more. These boards are lower quality, are typically made overseas, and won't work with our replays.

Authentic UITC™ Wreath Boards:
👍 Always have the UITC™ logo embossed on the back.
❤️ Are weather-proof and durable, made to withstand the elements.
👍 Have the holes laid out in a clear pattern.
❤️ Have clearly numbered rows of holes.
👍 Are the *only* boards that will work with #MakeitlikeLaurie replays & tutorials.
❤️ Are made here in North America!

Remember, when in doubt, genuine UITC™ Wreath Boards can be purchased through our online shop or through one of our Authorized Distributors. When you purchase your boards one of these ways, you are guaranteed to be "authentically unique!"



Here at Unique in the Creek, we really do believe that wreath making is for everyone. You don't need any previous crafting experience to have fun and create a DIY patriotic wreath for your Memorial Day, 4th of July, or Canada Day decor. All you need is a love of your country, one of our wreath boards and some materials, and a little inspiration!

So now that we've shown you some of the best patriotic wreaths, are you ready to get started? Click here for wreath boards, materials, supplies, kits, and more, and don't forget to tag us in your photos on Instagram so we can see and share your creations!

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