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Trending: Dragon Wreath Ideas & Halloween Creations

Trending: Dragon Wreath Ideas & Halloween Creations

The wreath community is just SO creative! If you haven't seen the latest trends in dragon wreath designs and other Halloween themed crafts, then you're in for a real treat! Prepare to be inspired!

As you've probably noticed, Halloween has become a bigger and bigger celebration the last few years. And it's no wonder! It's such a fun and magical holiday for kids – and it truly brings out great creativity in adults too. So if you love crafting and decorating your home, making a Halloween wreath can be truly delightful.

Lately, there's been an extra influx of fantasy and whimsy in the wreath world with the ever-so-popular dragon wreath concepts, originally kicked off by Tina White. These designs use modified UITC Wreath Boards and excellent folded mesh techniques to create scales.

Not only are these designs great for Halloween but they could be a fantastic decoration in a kids room, game room, or media room all year long.

Made on modified UITC Wreath Boards

Here are some YouTube replays and tutorials from Michele from #TeamUnique!

Halloween Wreath Inspiration

When looking for seasonal inspiration, consider that Halloween is a time of mystery, magic, and, of course, a touch of the macabre. Halloween wreaths can be a blend of spooky, fun, and stylish. They offer crafters the opportunity to play with darker themes, incorporating elements like cobwebs, skulls, and black cats.

But it's not all about the eerie and ominous. Many Halloween wreaths also celebrate the fun and playful "Happy Haunts" side of the holiday, featuring cheerful pumpkins, candy corn, and whimsical witches. Whether you prefer a design that sends shivers down your spine or one that sparks joy and laughter, there's a Halloween wreath out there for you.

Here are a few recent wreaths from our community to put you in the mood:

We have an entire playlist on YouTube with replays and tutorials to learn to make a Halloween Wreath. Here are a few favourites:


How To Get Started

If you're new to wreath making, you might be wondering how to get started? With our unique wreath making system, it couldn't be easier. You don't need any previous skills or experience.

Every DIY Halloween wreath starts with our unique take on traditional wreath making: 

1. Start with a UITC™ Wreath Making Board.

2. Choose your materials; mesh, ribbon & more. 

3. Use zipties to attach your materials to the board. 

4. Add accessories, wreath signs & finishing touches. 

5. Watch our YouTube videos for help and inspiration.

You'll be amazed by how easy and satisfying it is to get started and you're going to love the results.

We'd Love To See Your Creations!

Whether you're making a dragon wreath or pursuing another Halloween theme, we’d love to see what you make! Once you’ve completed your creation, please join the Unique Wreath Creators Group on Facebook and share it with us! As long as you are kind and supportive, we would love to have you join and share. Also be sure to follow us on YouTubeFacebookInstagramPinterest, and Twitter.

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