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Valentine's Day Decorating!

Valentine's Day Decorating!

Hello winter and hello Valentine's Day! The beginning of the year can be a bit gloomy, but there's no better way to perk up your spirits and your home than with Valentine's Day decorating, and of course that includes stunning Valentine's Day wreaths! We have lots of Valentine's Day decorating ideas that will help fill your home with love, so get ready to take some notes!

First, it's important to reinforce that Valentine's Day does not have to just be about romantic love. Around here, we like to celebrate love in general; love of friends, love of family, and spreading love and good cheer around the neighbourhood. We're all about spreading the love around!

When you decorate the exterior of your home, you're spreading love and friendliness to those in your neighbourhood. And when you decorate your home's interior, you're making your home feel more welcome and festive for your guests, but also for yourself. Don't underestimate the psychological power of a beautiful home for you and your family. When you decorate for different holidays, you're telling yourself that YOU are special enough to go the extra mile for, and that's because you are! Seasonal decorating is a wonderful and often underestimated type of self care. It says: YOU ARE WORTH IT!

What Would Valentine's Day Decorating Be Without Roses?

Roses and chocolate are synonymous with Valentine's Day and, frankly speaking, we don't think you should be without either! That's why our ALL IN ONE UITC™ Signature Rose Kits are so perfect for Valentine's Day! Hang a gorgeous DIY rose wreath on your door or give it as a gift made with your own two hands. Our kits are so fun and easy; you'll get beautiful results every time!

We have a classic Red Rose, which is just so gorgeous. The red pops at a time of year where we really need more colour in our lives! We also have Yellow Rose and Winter Rose wreath kits available. Each is absolutely beautiful in its own way and will look terrific on your door, hanging on a fence or gate, or in the interior of your home.

If you've never made a DIY wreath before, our kits are perfect for you as they make the wreath making process so easy! Plus, the rose wreaths are just as beautiful for Valentine's Day as they are for spring. In fact, you can enjoy these roses all year round and we promise you'll receive lots of compliments on them. They're just so popular! We send everything you need to make a stunning wreath right to your door, along with easy-to-follow instructions. And of course, there's a video to refer to that shows you exactly how it's done!

Click here to browse our wreath kits now.

Valentine's Day Decorating: Choose Your Colours & Materials

When brainstorming Valentine's Day decorating ideas, remember to think about both outdoors and indoors. While a beautiful Valentine's Day wreath would certainly look marvellous on your front door, wreaths aren't just for outside! You can definitely hang a wreath in any room of your house. And a trio of wreaths can really make an impact!

The traditional colours for Valentine's Day decorating are red, pink, and white. Don't be shy about using generous amounts of white to offset your red and pink decorations. With the right amount of white, you can balance the entire design and really make your colours shine. A little bit of glitter, silver or gold, or even a bit of purple can also do wonders to elevate your red and pink decorations!

One of the keys for making your Valentine's Day decorating come alive is to choose the right crafting materials. We're big fans of various kinds of mesh, which can add a lot of volume and depth to your home decor. And don't be shy about introducing some ribbon to your decor! These wreathing materials will add a fullness to your wreaths and other decorating that will make your finished creations look very lush and opulent.

At Unique in the Creek, we carry a variety of carefully hand-picked crafting and wreathing materials that Laurie chooses herself. Everything in our store is picked for a reason and you can be sure that Laurie gave it thought before she brought it into the shop.  Browse our selection now.

Valentine's Day Wreath Ideas

Some of the best wreath boards for your Valentine's Day wreath designs are the UITC Large Wreath Board and the UITC Character Board. Choosing the right board will give you a base for your creations and make the wreath making process so much easier and more streamlined. Once you've tried a UITC Wreath Board, there's no turning back! These boards make wreath making so much better. You're going to love them!

The Large Wreath Board is the base for our roses and many flowers. If you order an All In One Wreath Making Kit you'll receive a Large Board, or you can buy a Large Board on its own to start making your own unique creations.

The Character Wreath Board is also a popular option because you can affix a decal to the centre that includes a message, image, or greeting. This makes the Character Board a great option for many holiday creations. Click here to browse our Valentine's Day accessories like decals, centres, and also wreath signs. (Wreath signs are also perfect for attaching to the Large Wreath Board.)

Here's a beautiful example made on the Character Board -

You can also do something super fun and creative using the UITC Triangle Wreath Board like this Valentine's Day gnome wreath!

In addition to beautiful DIY Valentine's Day wreaths, you can also make a stunning centrepiece for your table. The UITC Small Wreath Board is the perfect base for a centrepiece. You can really let your imagination and creativity run wild to make something beautiful for your table!

Start Your Valentine's Day Decorating Now!

Now that we've shared our Valentine's Day decorating ideas and many Valentine's Day wreath designs, are you ready to get started?

Whether you order an All In One DIY Wreath Kit or you decide to make your own creation, it all starts at Unique in the Creek! Browse our handy UITC Wreath Boards, Vinyl Decal Centres, Digital Image Inserts, Wreath Signs, and extensive selection of Materials & Supplies to get started now. And don't forget to use the search bar when you're looking for something specific. Once you've made your decorations, make sure to tag your creations on Instagram with #uniqueinthecreek so we can see what you've come up with!

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