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2023 DIY Christmas Wreath Designs

2023 DIY Christmas Wreath Designs

We're on the runway now for the 2023 holiday season and we are so excited to see what's trending for 2023 DIY Christmas Wreath Designs!

So far, Laurie and the rest of the members of Team Unique have already been busy making early wreaths for the season. As you know in the wreathing world, we're always several months ahead to prepare for the upcoming holiday or season. The planning and anticipation are some of the best parts of DIY seasonal decor!

So what will we see a lot of this year?

As always, we're going to see tried and true designs, such as:

*Christmas Tree Wreaths, made using the UITC Triangle Board – there's a reason why Laurie's original Christmas Tree design went viral on Pinterest!

*Poinsettia Wreaths, made using the UITC Large Wreath Board or Small Wreath Board

*Character Wreaths like Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, Frosty the Snowman, etc. made on the UITC Character Board

But there are lots of new and exciting designs this year to add to these tried and true classics and we can't wait to see all of this year's creative DIY decorations!

Team Unique 2023 Christmas Wreath Designs

Here are just some of the Christmas Wreath Designs Team Unique has made so far in 2023:

Rectangle Board Designs

So far for 2023, we're absolutely loving the designs made on the UITC Rectangle Board! This is only the second Christmas season since the Rectangle Board was introduced by Unique in the Creek and the shape of this board lends itself to so many fantastic holiday uses.

Of course, we love this shape on a door for classic placement but they're also perfect for decking halls, pillars, banisters, and hand rails. And the Rectangle Board is absolutely PERFECT for creating a holiday table centrepiece!

Every Rectangle Board comes in a 2-Pack, so you can use them individually or combine them together into a larger design.

Inspiration from Decals & Wreath Signs

As always, the community takes inspiration for wreaths from the latest available accessories and materials, and especially from vinyl decals for use with the Character Board and wreath signs for use with any wreath on any board!

Here are some fantastic Christmas wreath designs using decals and wreath signs from our community members in the Unique Wreath Creators Group on Facebook.

There are so many inspiring designs already made this year and it's only September as we write this! We can't wait to see what else everyone makes this year. As always, you can get started making your own wreath

How To Get Started

1. Start with a UITC™ board

2. Choose your materials; mesh, ribbon, vinyl decals & more. 

3. Use zipties to attach your materials to the board. 

4. Add accessories, wreath signs & finishing touches. 

5. Use our Free YouTube Video Replays & Tutorials to learn the wreath making process.

Beautiful results every time!

We can't wait to see what you make! Be sure to tag us on Instagram  and, as long as you are kind, we invite you to join the Unique Wreath Creators Group on Facebook and share photos of your wreath with us! Also be sure to follow us on YouTubeFacebookInstagram, and Pinterest.

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