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Mother's Day Gift Ideas: How to Make a Mother's Day Wreath

Mother's Day Gift Ideas: How to Make a Mother's Day Wreath

Are you looking for Mother's Day gift ideas? Have you considered making a gift made with your own two hands? Mother's absolutely love flowers and they love thoughtful gestures, which is why a Mother's Day wreath makes a perfect gift! And we're going to show you how to make a Mother's Day wreath, easy as pie.

Mother's Day is such a wonderful opportunity to honour the mothers your life, whether that's your own mother, your mother-in-law, stepmother, spouse, friends, or anyone who is a mom who is special to you. For everything that mothers do to care and nurture, they certainly deserve recognition. Small gestures like making a Mother's Day gift with your own two hands is just one little way to show how much you care.

Why DIY Mother's Day Gifts Rock

While there are lots of Mothers Day gift ideas--like jewellery, a bouquet of fresh flowers, gift certificates to a favourite brunch spot or a spa--there's nothing that shows your appreciation quite like a gift you took the time to make yourself.

We might be biased, but we actually think a homemade DIY wreath is the PERFECT Mother's Day gift. It ticks all the boxes! You make it with your own two hands, it can and often includes flowers - a Mother's Day MUST - it beautifies a home, and it makes a mom feel so special. Plus, when you use our UITC Wreath Boards, you get gorgeous results every time! You mom will love it!

Personalize your Mother's Day Gift

Before you get started creating your DIY Mother's Day wreath, ask yourself a few questions to get the ideas flowing and guide your wreath making. For instance, what are your mom's favourite flowers? What are her favourite colours? Does she have any special interests that would be fun to tie into the theme of her wreath? Where will she likely want to hang the wreath, on her front door, indoors as home decor, on a gate or in the backyard? The answers to these questions will help set you on the right path.

If you think your mom would like to hang her wreath on her front door for all to see, be sure consider the colour of her door when making your Mother's Day wreath. What colours would look best against her door? Choosing a contrasting colour could help the wreath to stand out. For a front door wreath, your mom will feel so proud with the wreath on display and will be able to tell her neighbours all about how you made it for her.

Once you've brainstormed some basic ideas, it's time to start making your Mother's Day wreath!

Beautiful & Easy DIY Wreath Tutorials

If you're not sure how to make a beautiful Mother's Day wreath or need some more inspiration we have hundreds of wreath making tutorials on our YouTube channel (make sure to hit the Subscribe button). Not all of these tutorials are specific to Mother's Day, but the great thing about Mother's Day is that any wreath you think your mother will love could work fabulously as a Mother's Day gift!

Here are just a few of our favourite wreaths that we think could make lovely and cherished Mother's Day gifts:

How to Make a Mother's Day Wreath: Wreath Boards

Okay, so you've got your Mother's Day gift ideas, you've watched a few tutorials, and you're ready to get started on your Mother's Day wreath... but where do you begin?

Well, it all starts with one of our UITC™ Wreath Boards! Our Wreath Boards are the base for all your DIY wreath creations. They're perfect for making Mother's Day flower wreaths and other DIY wreath designs that your mom will love. Best of all, they make DIY wreath making a breeze!

From our Ring Wreath Board, which is a great option for more "traditional" wreaths, to our Large Wreath Board, which is perfect for bold and beautiful flower designs, to our Cross Wreath Board, which could be a fantastic pick if your mom is someone who's faith is very important to her, to our Wing Wreath Board, which is perfect if your mom loves birds or butterflies, there are so many options to make the base for your Mother's Day wreath gift!

Browse Our Wreath Making Boards

The Unique in the Creek Wreath Making System

Each board is made from 100% recycled plastic and is used to affix all of your wreathing materials to make a gorgeous and unique wreath! When your Mother's Day wreath is complete, the board will be completely covered underneath.

We also have a wide selection of aluminum Wreath Signs that you can attach to any board, though these are particularly popular to use with our classic Large Wreath Board. If you're unsure about what wreath style you'd like to try for your Mother's Day wreath, our 5-board Starter Pack is a great option. (Pro Tip: If you have multiple mothers you're making a Mother's Day wreath for, this might be your best pick!)

We also have Wreath Making Templates to use with the boards. Use our blank templates to plan your creations and save your ideas; print it, plan it, and create it! Select the board you’d like a blank pattern for and we’ll email you the template, easy! Click here to get started with our templates now.

With this unique wreath making system, all the guesswork is taken out of the wreath making process so you can relax and just focus on what your mom would like best. . Whether you're a beginner or a wreathing pro, you can make lovely Mother's Day wreath with our boards. Just pick your shape or board type, get your materials together, and get started!

Mother's Day Wreath Crafting Materials

But what about the rest of your materials?

Making a Mother's Day wreath doesn't need to break the bank. You can pick up all sorts of decorative elements, flowers, mesh, ribbons, and more to add to your Mother's Day wreath right from your local craft or dollar store. We also stock a great selection of crafting materials right here on our website.

And don't forget to grab all of your supplies too - by which we mean all those items that will help you create your wreath, from zip ties to our UITC Measure Buddy! Seriously, we have so much to choose from, go take a look!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas Made Simple: Wreath Kits

If you're still stumped about what wreath to make for your mom, or you're just a wreathing beginner and feel daunted by creating a Mother's Day wreath from scratch, look no further than our All-In-One Wreath Kits! These kits help you create a stunning wreath every time; choose from a red rose, yellow rose, daisy, sunflower, and more. We also have seasonal kits. The wreaths made from these kits are gorgeous, eye-catching, and your mom is guaranteed to love them! Plus, the whole process is super simple, yet you come out looking like a true pro!

From a wreath board to materials, with these DIY wreath kits everything you need to create your Mother's Day wreath is sent right to your door. From there, you can begin assembling your wreath using our step-by-step video tutorial from our YouTube Channel. Easy peasy!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas Have Never Been So Easy!

We might not be able to repay our mothers to the full extent for all they've ever done for us, but Mother's Day gives us a chance to show our moms we see them, love them, and appreciate them. Show your mom you care this year with a special gift made from the heart but with your own two hands -- a gorgeous wreath, tailored to her aesthetic!

With Unique in the Creek, Mother's Day gift giving has never been so fun and easy! Get started today.

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