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Spring Wreath Guide: Designs, Supplies & Tutorials

Spring Wreath Guide: Designs, Supplies & Tutorials

Are you ready to make a gorgeous wreath for your door to welcome in spring, but need a great spring wreath guide to help you get started? From design inspiration, to supplies, to tutorials, we've got you covered!

In our opinion, wreaths were MADE for celebrating spring! With the world feeling like it's finally unthawing, we all get the urge to crack open the windows, sweep off the porch, and hang something beautiful on the door to welcome back the sunshine, greenery, flowers, and adorable animals. This is the time of year to hang a wreath that will get noticed, as everyone is looking forward to seeing beautiful things after a long winter!

And with the UITC™ streamlined wreath making system, anyone at any skill level can make a spring wreath using fewer materials and less time than traditional methods. Let's take a look at some of our spring wreaths and how YOU can create them using supplies and tutorials!

Laurie putting together a flower wreath on the Large Board.

Your Spring Wreath Guide to Designs

Before we get into all the materials and learning resources you'll need to get started, grab some inspiration from the spring designs that Laurie, founder of Unique in the Creek, has made over the years!

Spring Flower Designs on the Large & Small Boards

In addition to our wreath boards, our Signature Flower Designs are what we're known for here at Unique in the Creek! These beautiful, eye-catching flower wreaths can be made on our Large or Small Boards. Here are a few that are perfect for springtime:

From roses, to zinnias, to daffodils, you really can create any flower on our Large and Small Wreath Boards. Let your imagination run wild!

Spring Wreath Designs on the Oval & Ring Boards

Our Oval and Ring Wreath Boards are excellent options for beginners due to their more traditional "donut" shape, but wreathing pros love 'em too! And it's not hard to see why, they really do make some stunning wreaths. Just take a look at a few of these spring wreaths made on the Oval and Ring Boards:

Cute Critter Wreaths for Spring

Our insect wreath designs are so much fun and perfect for displaying during spring! Compliments are guaranteed with these wreaths. While these look lovely on a door, they also look fabulous hanging in a garden or up on a fence.

Other Spring Wreath Designs We Love

A basket of tulips, anyone? Or an adorable ladybug-themed wreath to welcome your guests? It's all possible on our wreath boards!

Your Spring Wreath Guide to Supplies

So, now that you've seen some of our most popular spring wreath designs, you might be wondering what it is you need to start creating your own DIY spring wreath.

As part of our spring wreath guide, we've broken down all the supplies and materials you'll need to get started on your spring masterpieces!

And yes, all of these materials and supplies can be purchased in our online shop!

It All Starts on UITC™ Wreath Making Boards

Every single wreath we make is built upon a UITC™ Wreath Making Board. This is the #1 essential supply for building a stunning spring wreath!

UITC™ Wreath Making Boards are the base for all your wreath making projects: They're made entirely of 100% recycled plastic, they're weather resistant, they can be reused, and they feature patterned holes to which you can attach all your materials. And yes, they're easy and fun to use, and get you beautiful results every time!

As of early 2022 we offer 10 wreath making boards of different shapes and sizes that can help you get a variety of different results:

Browse Our Wreath Making Boards

Don't Forget Your Zip Ties!

We recommend using cable ties, or zip ties, with all of our wreath making boards to attach your materials. You really can use any material you wish as long as you can zip a cable tie around it! Because this helps you use fewer materials, the wreath making process is much more cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Preloading the Large Board with zip ties.

Fill Out Your Wreath With Mesh or Other Materials

Once you've preloaded your board with zip ties, you'll begin filling it with materials. Mesh, fun foam, felt, various types of fabric, and tulle are all great choices for filling out your spring wreath and giving it volume.

Each type of material requires a different method for working with it, and final look of the wreath also varies depending on the type of material you choose:

Though all these materials make beautiful wreaths, mesh is by far the most popular material for wreaths made on our boards as it's the most versatile--both in types available (e.g. poly burlap mesh, value mesh, etc.), colours and patterns available, and in all the ways you can use it! Also, it's easy to work with.

Click here to learn about the types of mesh, click here to learn how to stop your mesh from fraying, and click here for a playlist of tutorials on all the different types of petal folds you can make with mesh!

Browse Our Decomesh 

For Extra Interest, Just Add Ribbon!

Ribbon is a fantastic material for adding extra interest and flair to your spring wreath, tying a theme together, filling our empty-looking spots in your wreath, or even hanging up a wreath. You can also create lovely-looking bows with it!

Browse Our Ribbon

Wreath Signs & Accessories

Wreath signs and wreath accessories are a great way to add some more personality to your wreath or to display a message. These items can really put the finishing touches on a wreath and make it feel complete.

From metal and wooden wreath signs, to insect bodies for the Wing Board, to flower centres for spring flower wreath designs, and everything in between, our shop is loaded with all kinds of fun attachments!

Browse Our Wreath Signs

Browse Our Wreath Accents

Image Inserts for Character & Rail Board Wreaths

Want to make a spring Character or Rail Board wreath? Wreaths made on these boards require an image to be affixed to them, such as a greeting, a character's face, or a picture of scenery. For this, we have image inserts!

There are two types of image inserts: Peel 'n Stick Vinyl and Digital. Our favourite are Vinyls as they are extremely easy to use!

Browse Our Vinyl Decal

And That's Not All!

In addition to all these crafting supplies and materials, we also carry helpful tools like FREE design patterns and The Measure Buddy. We also have an assortment of other items you might need to build your wreaths, such as pipe cleaners, craft paint, lights, and more! Our shop is continually receiving new stock, so check in often!

Is there something you had in mind for your wreath that you can't find in our shop? Be sure to check your local craft and dollar stores!

Your Spring Wreath Guide to Tutorials

So, once you have your design in mind and all your materials and supplies ready, how exactly do you put together your spring wreath? We're glad you asked!

We have a YouTube channel packed with hundreds of replays and tutorials where you can learn to "Make it like Laurie". We also have an entire Spring Designs playlist for you to browse. Here's a taste of what you can find in our Spring playlist:

Subscribe to our channel to make sure you don't miss out on any upcoming replays or tutorials!

Be Sure You Are "Authentically Unique!"

Before you get started on your spring creations creations, we unfortunately need to give a little attention to knock-off boards. They're out there, and we've been seeing them more and more. These boards are lower quality, are typically made overseas, and won't work with our replays.

Authentic UITC™ Wreath Boards:
👍 Always have the UITC™ logo embossed on the back.
❤️ Are weather-proof and durable, made to withstand the elements.
👍 Have the holes laid out in a clear pattern.
❤️ Have clearly numbered rows of holes.
👍 Are the *only* boards that will work with #MakeitlikeLaurie replays & tutorials.
❤️ Are made here in North America!

Remember, when in doubt, genuine UITC™ Wreath Boards can be purchased through our online shop or through one of our Authorized Distributors. When you purchase your boards one of these ways, you are guaranteed to be "authentically unique!"


Here at Unique in the Creek, we really do believe that wreath making is for everyone. You don't need any previous crafting experience to have fun and create something stunning like a DIY spring wreath. Make one for your own home or to give as a gift!

So now that we've shown you how to make a beautiful spring wreath, are you ready to get started? Click here for wreath boards, materials, supplies, kits, and more, and don't forget to tag us in your photos on Instagram so we can see and share your creations!

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