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Make Unique Home Decor with UITC™ Wreath Board and Design Modifications

Make Unique Home Decor with UITC™ Wreath Board and Design Modifications

Do you want to take your unique home decor projects to the next level?

If you're a wreath maker or crafter, you might already be familiar with UITC™ Wreath Making Boards. Our boards help you create a stunning wreath, with less time and less materials than traditional wreathing methods.

But here's a little secret, you can actually modify our boards OR our signature designs to create almost anything you can imagine! For instance, maybe you'd like to make a wreath in an unconventional shape. Or perhaps you'd like to make a large, show-stopping wall art piece. We can help and we have dozens of free videos to help you on your creating journey HERE.

We've always said that your imagination is your only limitation with our boards! This is even more true when you utilize board and design modifications to create a truly unique creation!

Laurie, founder and CEO of Unique in the Creek, showing off the Oval Wreath Board

Make Unique Home Decor with UITC™ Wreath Boards

UITC™ Wreath Boards are the base for all your wreath making and DIY home decor projects. They're made entirely of 100% recycled plastic, they're weather resistant and they can be reused! The best feature is the patterned holes to which you can attach all your materials easily and quickly. Our Boards are easy and fun to use; no matter your skill level, you get stunning results every time!

As of April 2022, we have 10 wreath boards available that you can use as-is or modify:

Browse Our Wreath Making Boards

We recommend using zip ties with all of our wreath boards to attach your materials. You can use any material you wish as long as you can get a zip tie around it! This helps you use fewer materials so that the wreath making process is much more cost effective and environmentally friendly.

And speaking of materials, everything you need to make creative home decor is located in our online shop: from mesh, to ribbon, to wreath signs, to vinyls for our Character & Rail Wreath Boards, to all kinds of accessories, we have it all! We're your one-stop shop for all your DIY home decor and wreath making needs.

Safety First While Modifying Your Wreath Boards

Before we dive into all the ways you can modify your UITC™ Wreath Boards, we must provide a little disclaimer.

When you're cutting a board, drilling in extra holes to a board, or taking apart a board in any way, please remember that sharp, jagged edges and/or areas that are prone to snagging can be created in the process.

We recommend sanding down any areas where the board was cut or punctured to make those areas smooth. Not only will this stop materials from snagging or tearing, but it will also reduce the risk of anyone harming themselves on any sharp edges. UITC™ cannot be held liable for any injuries that may occur during or after the board modification process.

Make Unique Home Decor by Modifying a Wreath Board

So, what are some of the ways our wreath boards can be modified? We're glad you asked! Our incredibly talented group of creators in the Unique Wreath Creators Facebook group have posted so many creative design ideas over the years using modified boards. We'd like to share some of them with you!

Cut the Wreath Board to Create a New Shape

Probably one of the most popular ways to modify a UITC™ Wreath Board is to simply remove a piece of it, creating a new shape.

In the above wreath, Laurie, founder and CEO of Unique in the Creek, started with the Oval Wreath Board. She then cut off the bottom section, creating a horseshoe shape. Laurie then built a wreath upon the newly-modified board to celebrate the Kentucky Derby. It looks just like a wreath that could be hung around a winning horse's neck. Beautiful!

In the above photos, Wing Wreath Boards were used. Both boards were modified differently by two separate creators to create two distinct designs. Note that with both designs, the Wing Board was rotated 90 degrees.

For her basket of flowers wreath, Julie O'Brien cut down one side of the Wing Board so it would resemble a basket. She left the other side of the board unmodified so that the flowers and greenery could be attached in such a way that make them look like they were bursting from the basket!

For her patriotic American wreath, Robin Shuler Downe cut off one entire side of the Wing Board, making it one wing instead of two. This gives the wreath a completely new shape!

If you'd like to make creative home decor in "straight line" design, you can chop off the sides of the Cross Wreath Board. Joan Kendall Ward did just that here to create this Christmas swag. Such festive results!

Two modified Triangle Wreath Boards featuring two bird designs, but the results couldn't be more different! Jan Barker trimmed the sides of her board to create her iridescent peacock wreath, while Pat McEvoy McDonald cut off the tapered end of her board to make her amazing owl wreath. Both Triangle Boards were also turned upside down.

Cut the Wreath Board & Reattach the Pieces

Another way to create a different wreath board shape? Cut your board into pieces and reattach those pieces into an entirely new shape. You can literally create your own shapes to match your unique home decor!

To make this gorgeous floral swag, Carla Halvorson used the Oval Wreath Board. She cut it into two parts, then reattached the two halves in a new spot with zip ties and hot glue. This created the swag's "s" shape.

Add Extra Holes to Your Wreath Board

Maybe your wreath board is exactly the right shape for the design, but you'd just like some extra space to attach your materials. This is why some people add additional holes to their wreath boards. Remember, if you're going to drill in extra holes, be sure to sand down the plastic that accumulates.

In the above right photo, Debbie Telford Carr used the Small Wreath Board, adding additional holes to better create the basket idea she had in mind. The results are beautiful!

Use Two or More Wreath Boards in One Design

Want to create a design that'll really get noticed? Make something attention-grabbing by using two or more wreath boards. Not only will this effectively create a new shape, it will also make your designs BIG!

On the left, Laurie created a flamingo using both the Oval Wreath Board and the Large Wreath Board. And, of course, a whole lotta mesh! The result is a show-stopping piece of wall or fence art that that would look fabulous displayed outside during the summer.

On the right, Linda Lizzio made a cute black cat using both the Small Wreath Board and the Large Wreath Board. This wreath would be perfect for Halloween. However, you could also take the concept and apply it to other design ideas. For instance, a snowman for Christmas/winter, or a bunny or duckling for Easter/spring. The possibilities are truly endless with our boards!

If you're familiar with our Wing Board, you know it's very popular for making butterfly wreaths. However, if you want to make a butterfly or other winged creature that's extra large, you can attach two Triangle Wreath Boards together, like Laurie did with her Butterfly! See how she did it HERE.

Make Unique Home Decor Modifying Traditional Designs

When we talk about modifications, we don't just mean wreath board modifications. We also mean making modifications to the traditional designs you might see on our wreath boards!

Take our Signature Flower Designs, for instance. These are single-flower designs (e.g. a rose, daisy, or daffodil) made on our Large or Small Boards, using mesh folded to look like petals. These are very popular amongst users of our boards, but they aren't the only style of flower wreath that is possible on our boards!

For some great outside-the-box thinking on traditional designs, we'd like to introduce you to Sharon's Door Decor...

Featured Creator: Sharon's Door Decor

One of our favourite creators for taking our traditional designs and modifying them into something new and beautiful is Sharon from Sharon's Door Decor, who invented the Double Clematis Flower Wreath design.

While traditional flower wreaths made on our Large and Small Boards just feature one flower, Sharon took things to the next level! Sharon made TWO (and more) flowers on our Large Wreath Board with her Clematis Wreath design.

Suffice to say, this eye-catching design has been a huge hit in the wreath making community!

But she didn't stop there, she also found a way to add even more flowers to our wreath boards:

Sharon created a beautiful fall wreath featuring four flowers, and also a gorgeous bouquet of tulips! And would you believe these designs, different as they are, were both made on the Large Wreath Board?

Sharon always has so many imaginative wreath and home decor ideas, and uses our boards so creatively to bring them to life! If you'd like to make your own Double Clematis Flower wreath, be sure to watch Sharon's tutorial below:

Sharon from Sharon's Door Decor shows you how to make her Double Clematis Flower Wreath design

For more wreathing and home decor inspiration, follow Sharon's Door Decor on Facebook and Instagram!

Be Sure You Are "Authentically Unique!"

Before you make your creative home decor on our wreath boards, we unfortunately need to give a little attention to knock-off boards. They're out there, and we've been seeing them more and more. These boards are lower quality, are typically made overseas, and won't work with our replays.

Authentic UITC™ Wreath Boards:
👍 Always have the UITC™ logo embossed on the back.
❤️ Are weather-proof and durable, made to withstand the elements.
👍 Have the holes laid out in a clear pattern.
❤️ Have clearly numbered rows of holes.
👍 Are the *only* boards that will work with #MakeitlikeLaurie replays & tutorials.
❤️ Are made here in North America!

Remember, when in doubt, genuine UITC™ Wreath Boards can be purchased through our online shop or through one of our Authorized Distributors. When you purchase your boards one of these ways, you are guaranteed to be "authentically unique!"

Here at Unique in the Creek, we really do believe that wreath making and DIY home decor is for everyone. You don't need any previous crafting experience to have fun and create something beautiful for your home or to give as a gift. All you need is one of our wreath boards, some crafting materials, and a little inspiration!

So now that we've shown you how to make creative home decor using modified wreath boards and modified designs, are you ready to get started? Click here for wreath boards, materials, supplies, kits, and more, and don't forget to tag us in your photos on Instagram so we can see and share your creations!

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