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Flower Wreath Kits with Pre-Cut Mesh!

Flower Wreath Kits with Pre-Cut Mesh!

Our DIY wreath kits just got a whole lot better... with pre-cut mesh!

We're very excited to slowly start rolling out flower kits with pre-cut mesh. This is a wreath making GAME CHANGER! We can't wait for you to try one of these new convenient wreath kits with the mesh already cut into squares for you, ready to go!

As we start to incorporate some of Laurie's favourite mesh already pre-cut into square flat pieces, you're going to love how there is NO MORE FUSS. You can make your flower wreath right out of the box!!! We'll send everything you need to make a perfect wreath right to your door!

Every wreath kit starts with our unique wreath making system:

1. It all starts with a UITC™ wreath board. 

2. We include all of the materials you need in the kit, now including mesh that's pre-cut and ready to work with.

3. Watch our FREE YouTube tutorials to learn exactly how to assemble your kit, the dedicated FREE tutorial for our FIRST Pre Cut Kit design is HERE.

4. Our kits also include other curated materials and accessories like flower centers, ribbon, wreath signs, and more to help bring the specific flower design to life. 

5. Use zip ties to attach your materials to the board. 

6. Beautiful results every time!

Our unique, streamlined wreath-making system, uses fewer materials and less time than traditional wreath-making methods; anyone can create stunning flower wreaths with ease using our Wreath Boards.


No more cutting required! The squares are pre-cut and sent right to your door.

DIY Home Decor Just Got a Whole Lot Better!

DIY projects can be a fun way to unleash your inner creativity while also giving your home a personal touch. However, some do-it-yourself projects can be challenging, especially if you're short on time or lack the necessary materials. While we do carry a massive selection of wreath making materials for you to assemble all of the supplies yourself, there's no doubt a convenience factor to having everything arrive in a kit.

With the help of Laurie's carefully curated DIY wreath kits, making beautiful home decor has never been easier! Our flower wreath kits take DIY wreath-making to a whole new level, especially now with the pre-cut mesh!

With Laurie’s meticulously hand-picked materials and supplies, no matter your skill level, our flower kits make wreathing easy, consistently beautiful, and everything needed is sent right to your door. Our kits contain everything you need to create a gorgeous flower wreath, including supplies, tools, and free video instructions available on You Tube. Plus, we have hundreds of live replays and tutorials on our YouTube channel so it's easy to follow along for any design on our wreath boards.

Our flower wreath kits with pre-cut mesh are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to make a stunning wreath with minimal waste or effort sorting design specific details.

Beginner-Friendly DIY Wreath Kits

Our flower wreath kits are perfect for those who have never made a wreath before or for those with limited time. You don't need to be an expert wreather to create a professional-looking flower wreath with our kits. In fact, it's now SO easy and fun, you’ll be amazed by the final result.

Our flower wreath kits change with the seasons. From our signature flower wreath kits that are beautiful all year round, to seasonal options for Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and everything in between, we make it easy to decorate your home no matter the time of year. You can select a flower wreath according to your personal preference and decorate it to fit your home’s decor perfectly.

With our flower wreath kits, Laurie has taken the guesswork out of wreath-making. We start with a sturdy wreath board so that anyone can build a lasting flower wreath with confidence. The board is designed to withstand the elements and zip ties make it so easy to attach your materials securely.

The best part of our flower wreath kits is that everything you need is included. No need to run to a store looking for supplies, it's all in one convenient package. Additionally, the wreath-making process saves time and is more comfortable since you won't need to hunt for tools and supplies. Especially with our pre-cut mesh. Instead of receiving a roll of mesh that you have to cut yourself, it's cut for you and ready to go!

Fun To Make

Another great feature of our flower wreath kits is that you can include family and friends in the wreath-making process. Turn it into a fun family bonding activity or a girls’ night in. It's a great way to spend quality time together and create something beautiful at the same time. Flowers really do bloom all year long at UITC!

Our wreath kits are also perfect for gifts. If you know someone who loves crafting and DIY projects, giving them our flower wreath kits as a gift is perfect. Or if they're not so crafty, make the flower wreath yourself and then give them a gift of the final product. Choose any of our unique flower petal designs and deliver a completed flower to their doorstep; it's a great way to show them you care and add thoughtful beauty to their home.

Get Started

Laurie's DIY wreath kits are an excellent way to create stunning and professional-looking flower wreaths without the guesswork and hassle. With the kit contents delivered to your doorstep including pre-cut mesh and premium materials included, anyone, even at any skill level, can create a masterpiece every time. Make decorating your home a breeze or gift it to friends or family members, with the Unique in the Creek DIY wreath kits, the possibilities are endless!


We also invite you to join the Unique Wreath Creators Group on Facebook and share photos of your wreath kits with us! As long as you are kind and supportive, we would love to have you join and share. Also be sure to follow us on YouTubeFacebookInstagramPinterest, and Twitter.

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