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Meet the Wreath Makers - Members of #TeamUnique

Meet the Wreath Makers - Members of #TeamUnique

Our wreath making community is absolutely AMAZING! The creativity, ingenuity, and innovation that so many crafty makers come up with an ongoing basis never ceases to wow us. And that's why we're so delighted to welcome members to #TeamUnique who can share their ideas and expertise with us!

Using our innovative Unique in the Creek Wreath Making System, all of these makers bring their talent and enthusiasm to the their DIY wreath making. We love to see what they come up with so let's take some time to get to know them!


Hi, I’m Michele from Monkey’s Creations. I’m an Air Force veteran, wife, mother, and grandma (monkey is my grandson).

As a nurse and mom, I never had much time to make anything creative. Then I quit my 9-5 nursing job, and found I had too much time on my hands.

Scrolling through Facebook one day, I came across a video of someone making a wreath. I thought, I can do that! Little did I know it has a lot harder than I thought. But I kept making and creating, and finally thought, I CAN DO THIS! And Monkey’s Creations was officially a business.

I love to inspire others, and to think outside the box, there are no limits in creativity.

Check out Michele's UITC Video Playlist on YouTube here.

Take a look at this creation made by Michele as part of FLOWER FRIDAYS!

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Hey y'all, I'm Keri Isenhart from Mountain Gal Creations.

I was born and raised in West Virginia and now reside in Vermont. I have been making different crafts since I was about  8 yrs old. I started making wreaths several years ago and started my own business.

I sell on etsy @  and accept custom orders. I also have a Facebook business page by the name of Mountain Gal Creations where I also do lives. Be sure to stop by, say hello and don't forget to like and follow.

Check out Keri-Marie's UITC Video Playlist on YouTube here.


Hi I’m Sharon from Sharon’s Door Decor.

I’m a wreath maker, designer, planner, social media manager , financier, & packaging & shipping & handling coordinator too.

I was a one-to-one aide for special needs children for 4 years and then a kindergarten aide for a 1/2 a year before Covid hit. I do miss the little ones but after that, I started to really focus on making wreaths.

Now I run my small business from start to finish everyday full-time. I love feeling creative and coming up with beautiful designs for you all!  It’s a lot of work and I’ve completely taken over my small home! 

I’m so thankful that my husband supports and encourages me as I try to make my business successful. He’s always telling me, “ it’s ok to buy more, you need to spend money to make money”! Thank god because I shop a lot. ;-)

My kids are also very supportive, always helping with my tech questions, all social media advice, and being my videographer too.  I hope my friends and family always want to hear more about my wreaths!

Thank you!!

Check out Sharon's's UITC Video Playlist on YouTube here.

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My name is Jackie Blewett. I have been making wreaths for over 14 years now. What was once a hobby turned into a part time business in 2012.

For years I was able to keep up the pace of working a full time job, taking care of my daughter, grandfather, and making wreaths part-time. In the spring of 2017 I brought my grandfather home from the hospital to pass and lost him and my job within 5 days.

I was left wondering what I was going to do for a job now. As I sat at my table making a wreath, a light bulb went off, I already have a job. The previous year I had made over $62,000 just making wreaths alone. The best part was I could finally be home for my daughter.  

In October of that same year, after my third back surgery, I opened my group Inside Jackie's Design Studio.  I guess this would be the point where I tell you about all the amazing things I have taught my group, but I would rather tell you about how amazing the people are in my group. It's the things that they have asked me to teach that have made me a better designer and person.

My group has enriched and blessed my life so much, it made me work harder to give back to them everything they had given to me. Every chance that I could possibly get to meet them, I took. It didn't matter if I was invited to participate in an event, bought a ticket, or hosted the event, I wanted to meet every member of the group that I possibly could.  

Over the years I have had 4 back surgeries, a constant battle with Lupus, and most recently been diagnosed with Sjogrens Syndrome. Despite my battles with health issues, I can still make a wreath, sew, and craft.

I have the most amazing support group ever: God, my husband Greg, daughter Tiffany, and friends. Because of them I have done things I have never dreamed of. While my health will prevent me from being multi-millionaire in this business, my health didn't prevent me from being rich in family and friendships.

Check out Jackie's UITC Video Playlist on YouTube here.

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Kathy Dyer

Hi. I’m Kathy Dyer and I’ve been in the wreathing community for about 9 years. I started making wreaths after I went to a craft show and saw a beautiful wreath that I had to have. I wanted something pretty on my door for all seasons. Then it occurred to me that to do that and afford it, I would have to make it myself.

Back then, there were not many videos on wreath making. I had to gather as much information as possible, which was trial and error. My first wreath was not good! But I continued to make them and evolve my style. I sold to friends and neighbors and eventually got on Facebook, did lives, and made my hobby a small business. I’ve made and sold well over 1,200 wreaths! I am retired in Florida with my husband Bill and have 3 beautiful grandkids!

Check out Kathy on these platforms: Facebook

Elizabeth Ribbonleg (aka. Liz)

Welcome our new member of Team Unique, Liz!

More details coming soon... 

Inspire Your Next Wreath Creation

What a truly amazing group we have! We're sure you'll find these talented makers as inspiring as we do. Check out their latest designs and YouTube replays and you'll see that getting started with wreath making really isn’t intimidating at all. From simple designs to more advanced creations, you'll find a little bit of everything on our YouTube channel.

You can make one of your own wreath with absolutely no experience and we’re sure you’ll be delighted with the results! So don’t be afraid to get started. 

Browse our shop for everything you need to get started and you can follow us on YouTubeFacebookInstagramPinterest, and Twitter for more inspiration. We also have a Facebook Group; as long as you’re supportive and kind, you are more than welcome to join!

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